General Business

Gain a broad base of powerful business knowledge.

This flexible program allows students to study in a variety of business areas related to a range of employment opportunities. Courses expose students to various areas of business, including the principles of management, finance, business law, and marketing. Graduates gain the necessary skills for the competitive marketplace, yet also have the option of continuing their education or exploring different roles and industries.

Instructors are selected for excellent academic credentials as well as relevant professional experience. The result is a career-focused education that combines a background in business theory with practical know-how based on real-world situations.

Benefit from:

  • A well-rounded business curriculum that is ideal for students with transfer or prior learning credits
  • Understanding the workings of a competitive business marketplace
  • The opportunity to use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and evaluate and apply legal and ethical principles in business settings
  • Hands-on experience with the current technology used in business
  • Many Berkeley College programs include an internship, job-related assignment, or practicum for a valuable learning experience
  • An online BBA option, which gives students the opportunity to take concentrated courses in 7-week intervals

Degree Program