Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding

Keeping a healthy bottom line for healthcare organizations.

Medical insurance, billing, and coding are critical components of the healthcare system. Without either field, the healthcare industry would be unable to efficiently transmit important data, and healthcare providers would find it difficult to be paid for their services. Berkeley College's degree program in Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding prepares students to manage vast amounts of medical insurance and billing information. This program prepares students with the important business and technology skills needed for positions in medical insurance, billing, and coding. Courses provide students with the required knowledge and skills to become nationally certified.

Graduates of the Medical Insurance Billing and Coding (MIBC) degree program are eligible to participate in field-specific certification examinations.

Although certification is not required to work in most states, employers prefer to hire certified Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding graduates.

Faculty members in this program are selected for both academic excellence and relevant professional experience. They combine firsthand knowledge with teaching experience to help prepare students to enter this in-demand field.

Benefit from:

  • Curricula that focus on the structure and dynamics of the healthcare industry
  • An emphasis on technology and specialized software to collect, process, and use information essential to the healthcare industry and its clients
  • Training in communications between healthcare providers and private and governmental funding agencies
  • Participating in an internship or job-related assignment for a valuable learning experience 

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