Health Services Administration - Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)

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Course Requirements


HEA1101 Foundations of Health Services

3 Credits

Provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the American healthcare system. This course explains the structures and operations of healthcare organizations, explores the forces responsible for shaping the system, and considers the policies influencing the system’s current and future performance.

HEA2200 Medical Terminology

3 Credits

Provides a solid foundation and understanding of the medical language used by healthcare professionals through the introduction, reinforcement, and combination of medical word parts including prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms. Emphasis is placed on word building, analysis of word parts, spelling, special endings, plural forms, correct pronunciation of terminology related to procedures, and diseases of the various body systems. Commonly used abbreviations and symbols will also be introduced.

HEA2203 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Services

3 Credits

An introduction to the principles of law as applied to the healthcare field. Students learn ethical standards and issues as related to healthcare.

HEA2230 Health Information Management

3 Credits

Provides the student with an overview of the health information management (HIM) segment of the healthcare industry. This course addresses job responsibilities, legal and ethical standards, clinical data management, technology, and the wide variety of responsibilities of management.

Prerequisite: HEA1101

HEA2255 Electronic Health Records

3 Credits

Familiarizes students with computerized billing and electronic health records using practice management software. Students learn to enter and edit patient personal history information, enter charges and post payments to financial accounts, and print statements. The importance of accuracy is stressed throughout this course.

Prerequisite: HEA1101

HEA2293 Internship

3 Credits

Students work in a position related to their course of study while at the same time completing online course requirements – including focused online discussions and special online projects – that integrate the skills and knowledge learned throughout their program.

Prerequisites: MBC2211, HEA2255, SCI2100

Corequisite:  MBC2260

MBC1105 Medical Coding

4 Credits

Introduces the purpose and use of the International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM), along with the principles of Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS).  Topics include coding of diseases and procedures, an overview of coding systems, basic coding rules and conventions, procedural coding, the assignment of DRGs, and the relationship between coding to reimbursement.

Prerequisite: HEA2200 

Prerequisite or Corequisite: SCI2100

MBC2201 Hospital Coding

3 Credits 

Introduces the student to the new coding system used by hospitals for coding inpatient procedures. Students will learn how to analyze, assign, and sequence coding procedures in the ICD-10-PCS coding system and/or ICD-9-CM Volume 3 Procedure Codes.

Prerequisites: MBC1105, HEA2200

Prerequisite or Corequisite: SCI2100

MBC2211 Medical Billing and Reimbursement Methods

3 Credits 

Prepares students to be skilled health professionals in the business areas of health facilities. Students learn to interpret insurance payment documents, organize financial records, follow up on claims, handle denials and rejections, understand billing and collection guidelines, and monitor the cash flow cycle.

Prerequisite or Corequisite: MBC1105, HEA1101

MBC2221 Clinical Documentation and Compliance

3 Credits 

Provides in-depth coverage of ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding rubrics, conventions, principles, and updates as they apply to the coding of complex case studies. Students will assign codes and prospective payment categories using the required manuals.

Prerequisite: HEA2200

Prerequisites or Corequisites: MBC2201, SCI2100

MBC2260 Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding Seminar

2 Credits

This course requires students to broaden their knowledge by synthesizing program content into the billing cycle to achieve high quality, patient satisfaction, and fiscally sound operations. It is designed to reinforce the knowledge and skills necessary to sit for industry specific certifications examinations such as the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist - CBCS (NHA), and Certified Professional Biller - CPB (AAPC).

Prerequisites: MBC2211, HEA2255, SCI2100

Prerequisites or Corequisites:  HEA2203, HEA2293

MBC2281 Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding Capstone

3 Credits

All coding knowledge learned throughout the Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding associate degree program is reviewed. Emphasis is placed on the proper application of modifier use, diagnostic and procedural coding guidelines, and regulations. The course also reinforces the knowledge and skills needed to sit for a national certification examination.

Prerequisites: MBC2211, MBC2221, HEA2230, HEA2255

Corequisites: MBC2260, HEA2293


CIS1115 Computer Applications

3 Credits

Provides an introduction to computer technology with an emphasis on applications. Students learn to use software, such as Microsoft Windows, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


ENG1105 Writing and Research

3 Credits

An introduction to expository writing through a comprehensive survey of forms of composition. Students are taught to use words with precision and strengthen their understanding and application of grammatical and rhetorical principles. Students are encouraged to appreciate and incorporate the principles of academic and professional writing.

ENG2205 Writing Through Literature

3 Credits

Further develops the writing, reading, and interpretive abilities introduced in ENG1105 through critical engagement with literary texts from a myriad of genres.

Prerequisite: ENG1105

SCI1100 Anatomy and Physiology I

3 Credits 

Study of the structure, function, and pathology (disease) of the human body. Students are introduced to various body systems including the musculoskeletal, digestive, nervous, and integumentary, as well as the special senses.

SCI1115 Basic Pharmacology and Pathophysiology

3 Credits

This course explores the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of common diseases as well as the basic principles of pharmacology. Focus is placed on the description of conditions and diseases of the organ systems, including etiology, signs and symptoms, methods of diagnosis, and treatment. The classification, actions, side effects, adverse reactions, sources, and forms of medications will also be explored.

Prerequisite: HEA2200 

SCI2100 Anatomy and Physiology II

3 Credits

Study of the structure, function, and pathology (disease) of the human body. Students are introduced to various body systems including the cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, lymphatic, and reproductive systems.

Prerequisite: SCI1100

SOC2225 Introduction to Psychology

3 Credits

Explores the basic principles of psychology and their direct application to individuals’ thoughts and behaviors and awareness of their own everyday existence. Topics explored include human development, personality, cognitive process, motivation, emotion, adjustment, perception, and psychological disorder and treatment.

Social Science/Humanities Elective- 3 Credits 


Additional Program Information

To qualify for graduation, students must pass all Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding (MBC) courses and Medical Terminology with a minimum grade of C, pass Anatomy and Physiology I and II with a minimum grade of C+, and participate in the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) examination. Students also are strongly encouraged to register for and participate in the Certified Professional Coder examination (CPC) through AAPC.

Professional Licensure & Certification

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Program Costs

Any required traditional textbooks and/or some required supplies are included as part of the charge for tuition and fees and will be distributed to students. Please note, however, that students have the right to obtain traditional textbooks, and/or certain required items, from other sources. Students who demonstrate that they have obtained required item(s) from another source may return the items distributed by the College and receive a refund of the amount charged by the College for the specific item.

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