Financing an Education

The Berkeley College Financial Aid Department helps students and families understand the financial aid process. Students are encouraged to review their available options. All students are provided the opportunity to meet with a Berkeley College Financial Aid Administrator.

The first required step for students interested in applying for financial aid (Federal, State and from Berkeley College) is to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (“FAFSA”) at exception to this requirement is for students who cannot file a FAFSA (for more information contact the financial aid office at 973-200-1148 or  All new students will have an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor. Continuing students with questions can make an appointment by clicking HERE.

Students who want to opt-out of the FAFSA requirement must contact the financial aid office in writing at Once the communication is received, we will review your files and inform you about any potential aid eligibility.  If there is no potential aid eligibility, we will remove the FAFSA requirement for the current year only, as things change from year to year. If there is aid eligibility, we will require a response back confirming that you still want to opt-out from the FAFSA requirement and from receiving any potential aid.

Additional information about the FAFSA is available here.

Berkeley College recommends that students avoid unnecessary borrowing. College financial aid packages are developed with this goal in mind. Financial aid awards are determined by Berkeley College. Financial aid is typically offered and awarded to eligible students in a “financial aid package,” detailing the student’s eligibility for federal, state, and institutional grants, scholarships, and loans. Each financial aid package also reflects charges that are payable directly to the College, including tuition, fees, and the cost of housing obtained through the College.

The Financial Aid Department assembles student financial aid packages in the following order, with due consideration given to students’ eligibility for various programs, their need and enrollment level, and in accordance with federal and state formulas:

  1. Federal Grants
  2. State Grants and Scholarships
  3. Berkeley College Grants and Scholarships (not based upon need)
  4. Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Veterans Affairs Chapter 33 (if applicable)
  5. Outside resources (such as private scholarships, VA benefits other than Post-9/11 GI Bill®, tuition reimbursement etc.)
  6. Direct Subsidized Loans
  7. Berkeley College Need-based Grants
  8. Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  9. Federal Work Study

Following the student’s submission of the FAFSA and the College’s receipt of the ISIR (Institutional Student Information Record), initial award notice will be provided to the student. This initial award notice contains estimates based on the information submitted. Award amounts may increase or decrease (as a result of, for instance, a change in the student’s academic or financial status). Additionally, state grants and awards are contingent upon annual state budget approval and may result in a change in the student’s initial financial aid package. Students are electronically notified when their financial aid awards have been updated. Revised award notices are available through Self-Service in Engage.