College Learning Objectives

Education at Berkeley College focuses on developing the personal and professional excellence of our students to empower them for success and lifelong learning. Every major degree program at Berkeley provides practical knowledge and relevant skills for a chosen career path, supported, and enhanced by the vibrant offerings of a broad liberal arts curriculum under the Division of General Education. Programs and curricula are designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, information literacy, respectful participation in a diverse society, connections between academic disciplines, and a specialized professional knowledge. Berkeley students will learn about the issues that shape our world, thereby contributing to their success as informed, self-aware, and intellectually curious members of the global community.

Developing these essential skills in students is a responsibility shared by the entire college community, requiring time and careful planning to achieve. Most learning objectives will be introduced in the required courses in the Division of General Education.

The Berkeley College Learning Objectives are:

Reading and Written Communication: Students will demonstrate competency in reading and writing.

Oral Communication: Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills that incorporate emotional intelligence, empathy, and civility.

Critical Analysis and Reasoning: Students will apply critical thinking and the knowledge gained in their degree programs for better decision-making informed by:

  • Ethical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Scientific Reasoning

Knowledge and Skills for Participation in a Diverse Society: Students will respect multiple perspectives and cultural contexts when making decisions independently or as part of a team.

Information Literacy: Students will be able to locate, evaluate, and ethically utilize reliable information, empowering them as informed and responsible citizens.

Integration of Learning: Students will develop the ability to make connections between different academic studies and specialized professional skills leading to more informed, creative, and productive decisions in life and career.