eText and Supplies Opt-Out Policy

In compliance with federal regulations, when books - including eTexts - and/or supplies are included in the price of College tuition, students may choose, under certain circumstances, to opt out of the otherwise mandatory book/eText fees (and/or supply fees, if applicable). This Policy relates to eTexts and classes using eText titles.*

Students may opt out of eText fees (and supply charges, if applicable) if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Identical materials are legally available outside of the Berkeley College eText Program; be aware that some materials are created or customized for Berkeley College eText titles only, and are not available in any other format. See for a current list of such materials.
  • The student has not already accessed the Berkeley College eTexts title(s) or used the subject supplies.
  • The student submits his/her request to opt out via the Berkeley College eText Opt-Out eForm by the end of week one of the start of the term and agrees (within the eForm) to his/her understanding of the potential consequences as set forth in the eForm and Policy. The student shall also agree (within the eForm) to release Berkeley College from any claim or consequence arising in connection with his/her choice to opt out.
  • The student’s Instructor and Academic Advisor will be made aware of the student’s choice to opt out of the Berkeley College eText program and that the student has agreed to accept responsibility for the potential consequences.

Should a student choose to opt-out of the otherwise mandatory College eText and/or supply fees for any given class, the eText and/or supply fees for that class (es) shall be credited to the student’s account within approximately three (3) business days after submission of the Opt-Out eForm.

For more detailed information and to see the complete eText and Supplies Opt-Out Policy, please click here.

*To see the College Policy that relates to print textbook/supplies opt-outs, please go here: