Student Development Learning Objectives

Students at Berkeley College will . . .

  1. Express a feeling of connection to the Berkeley College community
  2. Identify the ways in which their uniqueness and differences are valued by the Berkeley College community
  3. Articulate the value of diversity and cross-cultural competence
  4. Articulate and apply self-advocacy skills
  5. Articulate behaviors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle
  6. Articulate the characteristics of healthy, mutually respectful interpersonal relationships
  7. Demonstrate behaviors or practices that show community engagement
  8. Articulate the value of professional development for career success
  9. Articulate the value of and take on leadership opportunities
  10. Identify and engage in the variety of co-curricular opportunities available which complement their academic programs
  11. Identify, know how to utilize, and express having benefited from the use of campus resources such as Academic Advisement Department, Center for Academic Success, Career Services, Financial Aid, Library, Registrar, Student Accounts, and Student Development and Campus Life