Evaluation and Grading

Grading System: A single, final grade is recorded for each scheduled course at the end of each semester. Academic standing at Berkeley College is based upon the grading system shown below. M.B.A. foundation courses are graded on a pass-fail basis.



Grade Point Equivalent

P - Pass
I - Incomplete
W - Withdrawal (Never Attended)
WP - Withdrawal Passing
WF - Withdrawal Failing
WVR - Waiver
CR - Credit

A failing grade will be used in the calculation of the student’s overall grade point average (GPA). Once the course in which the F grade is repeated, the new grade will replace the original F grade in the calculation of overall GPA. However, the original F grade will remain on the transcript.

Incomplete grades may apply in situations where the student’s work in a given semester is not fully submitted due to an emergency. Incomplete grades are never used for unsatisfactory work. Students who receive an incomplete grade must submit all outstanding work to the instructor by the end of week seven of the following semester. It is the instructor’s decision to award incomplete grades. Failure to submit outstanding work by the deadline indicated above will result in conversion of an incomplete grade to an F grade. In rare circumstances, the student may petition the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies for an extension of time to submit outstanding work. The decision of the Dean to approve or deny an extension of time is final.

Computation of GPA: To compute the GPA for the semester, each letter grade is converted to the grade point equivalent listed above. Then, that grade point is multiplied by the number of credits designated for the course. This procedure is followed for each course. Pass or fail grades for the M.B.A. foundation courses are not included in the GPA calculation.

Next, the number of grade point equivalents for all courses is added. That total is then divided by the total number of credits attempted for the semester. The result is the semester GPA.

Course Withdrawal: Students who wish to drop a course must do so in writing and must have the approval of the faculty advisor and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. Courses dropped during the add/drop period (first week for seven-week courses and first two weeks for all other courses) do not appear on the student’s transcript. Withdrawal from a seven-week course between weeks two and four will result in a grade of WP or WF, and withdrawal from a 15-week course between weeks three and 12 will result in a grade of WP or WF, which indicates whether the student was passing or failing the course at the time of withdrawal. After these deadlines, students will receive the appropriate grade earned in the course. A grade of W will be assigned to students who enrolled in but did not participate in a course. Students who do not officially withdraw from a course will receive a letter grade that reflects their achievement.

Repeated Course: A student may repeat a course once without appeal. A student may not repeat that course a second time without approval from the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. When a course is successfully repeated, the original grade remains on the transcript but is not included in calculating the cumulative GPA.

Course Syllabus: Students receive a syllabus for each course during the first week of the term. The syllabus contains the instructor's name and office hours, a general description of the course and its contents, a statement of learning outcomes, descriptions of the instructor's attendance and grading policies, the academic integrity policy, arranging for disability accommodations, and a list of major assignments.