Tuition Refund Policy

If a student officially withdraws or is dismissed from the College during an academic term, credit for that term will be issued as follows:

Tuition Refund Schedule

Week of term when
notification is made
Refund schedule for
15-week courses
Refund schedule for
seven-week courses
1 90% 90%
2 90% 50%
3 50% 25%
4 50% 0%
5 25% 0%
6 25% 0%
7 25% 0%
8 0%
9 0%
10 0%
11 0%
12 0%
13 0%
14 0%
15 0%

The College will apply the 15-week tuition refund schedule when:


The College will apply the seven-week tuition refund schedule when:


A student’s enrollment status is determined at the end of the add/drop period (week two). At that time the student is charged, and any financial aid is paid, based on the student’s enrollment status. (Individual course drops after week one for seven-week courses and week two for 15-week courses do not entitle the student to a refund for that course.) Students wishing to withdraw after the start of a semester should contact the School of Graduate Studies.

Financial aid will be adjusted based on U.S. Department of Education Return of Title IV Funds Regulations and the College’s checkpoint policy. When a student notifies the School of Graduate Studies of the student’s withdrawal, that date will be used to calculate the amount of financial aid funds that the College must return. If the withdrawal occurs subsequent to the 60 percent point in the term, then all of those funds are deemed “earned” and do not need to be returned. State aid will be returned based on state regulations and Berkeley College Institutional aid will be prorated in accordance with the College tuition liability table.

When a student withdraws without notifying the School of Graduate Studies (“unofficial withdrawals”), the calculation is different. When the College becomes aware of a student’s unofficial withdrawal through the “checkpoint” process, financial aid will be considered earned as if the withdrawn student had attended for 50 percent of the term. The remaining portion of the original financial aid award will be returned to the originator.

Important notes:
Since a withdrawn student’s tuition liability to the College is governed by the schedule set forth in the Tuition Refund Policy, the amount that a student who is withdrawn (officially or unofficially) during the term owes the College for tuition may exceed the amount of financial aid that the student is permitted to retain under governing regulations. If so, the student will be liable to the College for any balance.

Fees are not refundable.