Building the Berkeley College Logo - Out of LEGOs®

Fueling imaginations for generations!

To celebrate 85 years of inspirational education, Berkeley College called on LEGO® artist Dan Parker to recreate the Berkeley logo in three-dimensional glory. This display not only demonstrates the incredible—but unusual—talents of Mr. Parker, it illustrates how the mind can take something as simple as a children’s toy and transform it into a powerful tool for commercial and corporate applications.

Since 1931, Berkeley has pushed students to see beyond the obvious in helping them to reach their full potential and in turn, inspire the minds of the future. And we invite you to be a part of the journey.

Berkeley College lego design


About LEGO® Artist Dan Parker

Dan Parker and his associated groups have been providing custom LEGO® works of art since 1996. He has produced nearly 4,000 pieces, ranging in scope from miniature and mechanical to sculpture and mosaic. Notable works include a traveling skyscraper exhibit, a 40,000-piece Statue of Liberty, a six-foot custom Star Wars Death Star, and a functioning burial casket, which have been displayed in numerous museums and institutions.