Technical Standards

The Surgical Processing Technician program at Berkeley College prepares students to become surgical processing technicians in healthcare settings. Students are provided with the knowledge and skills needed to receive and process supplies and equipment from operating rooms and nursing units throughout the hospital. The role of the surgical processing technician is demanding. Indicated below are several examples of the scope of practice, roles, and competencies that surgical processing technicians may encounter.

The Department will consider any applicant who demonstrates the ability to learn to perform all the competencies listed and does not present any safety hazard towards self or recipient of care. These competencies are required skills in order to render safe care while in the clinical setting.

Some chronic or recurrent illnesses and problems could interfere with safety, and may be incompatible with surgical processing technician education and practice, since they may lead to a higher chance of absences. Surgical processing technician students are not required to disclose any chronic or recurrent illness and/or disability; however, students with concerns about meeting these technical standards are strongly encouraged to discuss the issues with the Department Chair. Deficiencies in knowledge, skills, judgments, integrity, or professional attitude may jeopardize patient safety and, as a result, may be grounds for course failure and possible dismissal from the Surgical Processing Technician program.

Students must have the aptitude and abilities in six areas: sensory ability and skills; fine and gross motor skills; strength, mobility, and physical endurance; the ability to communicate, comprehend, read, and write in English; behavioral stability; and cognitive ability and critical thinking skills. Possessing proficient communicative, auditory, and visual skills are required.

It is the student’s responsibility to understand the duties, responsibilities, skills, and abilities required to be a surgical processing technician. In addition to the technical standards described above, students are encouraged to review the information regarding medical equipment preparers at the O*NET website.