Students interested in applying for financial aid must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). As a result, students eligible for financial aid will be offered a financial aid package detailing eligibility for federal, state, and institutional grants, scholarships, and loans. Federal and state aid will be awarded to eligible students based on need and enrollment level as determined by federal and state formulas. Berkeley College need-based aid may be awarded to students who have borrowed their annual maximum Stafford loan and have unmet needs after federal and state aid has been awarded. All students have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to meet with a financial aid administrator.

Berkeley College recommends that students avoid unnecessary borrowing. College financial aid packages are developed with this goal in mind. Generally, eligibility for grants and scholarships will be considered before Federal Direct Student Loans are included. Financial aid packages are calculated to reflect charges that are payable directly to the College, including tuition and fees and the cost of student housing obtained through the College.