Student Support


To register for an upcoming semester, students are required to select courses with an Academic Advisor. All students must receive financial aid clearance each semester from both the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Departments. Once classes begin, Academic Advisors monitor students' progress to encourage the achievement of their educational goals.

All students enrolled in an online degree program who have not selected their course schedules by Friday of week six for the subsequent term will be assessed a $100 late scheduling fee.

Students enrolled in the Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Practical Nurse, Surgical Processing Technician, and Surgical Technology programs have their schedules created for them and must print them directly from Blackboard.

Academic Advisement

Berkeley College recognizes academic advising to be an integral component of the educational experience of its undergraduate students. Academic advising is a collaborative relationship for which Academic Advisors and students share responsibility and through which students create sound educational plans consistent with their academic, career, and personal goals.

In keeping with Berkeley College's mission, the Academic Advisement Department is committed to providing students with a comprehensive and supportive educational experience.

It is important for students to meet regularly with an Academic Advisor, minimally once per term, to register for courses and develop an individualized academic plan that will help students stay on track for graduation. The Academic Advisement Department will assist students with making connections to support services that will enhance the learning experience. Academic Advisement reserves the right to adjust students' schedules based on their degree requirements.

Students experiencing academic difficulties should contact the Academic Advisement Department as soon as possible.

In an effort to facilitate academic success, Berkeley College has implemented an early warning, midterm progress report, and late warning monitoring system designed to identify students experiencing academic difficulties. Those students then are referred to the Academic Advisement Department for appropriate intervention, which may include counseling, tutoring, and other referrals.

Online programs are subject to regulation by New Jersey and/or New York, as well as by the state of each student's residence. It is, therefore, essential that online students intending to change their state of residence notify their Academic Advisor as soon as possible in advance, since such change may affect their eligibility to remain enrolled in the College.

College Transfer Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisement Department provides transfer students with academic counseling that includes a review of the courses that have been accepted and degree requirements that are outstanding. Students are also provided with an overview of services offered by the Academic Advisement Department to help make sure the transfer experience is smooth and seamless.

Berkeley ID Card

Students receive a Berkeley ID Card during their first semester at Berkeley College. The Berkeley ID Card acts as an identification card. Students are required to carry the card at all times while on campus and to display it if requested to do so by a member of the College faculty or staff. In addition to being used for security purposes, the Berkeley ID Card has financial and administrative uses. It can be used instead of other payment options in the Berkeley Store. Students may add funds to their cards either on campus at the Student Accounts Department or through Blackboard in the Online Card Office. Students may monitor the transaction activity on their card any time they are logged into the Blackboard website. The cost to replace lost cards is $10.

Berkeley Refund Disbursement Card

The Berkeley Refund Disbursement Card is the official refund card for Berkeley College students. Upon enrollment, all students with a valid United States address are mailed an activation code to be used to ‘activate’ their card and select their preferred refund method. A student may choose either of two refund options: a deposit made either onto the Berkeley Refund Disbursement Card itself or into the student’s own bank account. There is no charge to students for either option. Questions about the Berkeley Refund Disbursement Card may be directed to the Student Accounts Department.


Blackboard is Berkeley’s student portal. Through Blackboard, students have access to their courses, email, Student Self-Service, campus announcements, key policies and reports, and Berkeley Card account information. In addition, students can access the online library and information from different departments of the College.

Student Self-Service allows students to access their class schedules, view Berkeley's schedule of classes and Catalog, grades, and unofficial transcripts. Students can update personal information, make payments, apply for financial aid, and view their financial aid awards. eForms for all departments can be accessed from Blackboard, as well.

Blackboard can be accessed at

Pharos Uniprint/Print Conservation Program

Students may print in classrooms, libraries, and other laboratory areas. The Berkeley Card entitles students to a print quota each semester. Once the quota has been used, students may replenish their account. Remaining print quotas may carryover to subsequent semesters, but will be reset once each year prior to the Fall semester. Further information is available at the Student Accounts Department and on Blackboard.