Alcohol and Drug Policy Statement

Berkeley College is an educational institution committed to maintaining an environment that allows students and associates to enjoy the benefits of a substance-free environment and to understand the negative consequences of the misuse of alcohol and drugs on their lives.

Berkeley strictly prohibits the possession, sale, use, or distribution of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia; the misuse/abuse or redistribution of drugs obtained lawfully; and the unauthorized sale or abuse of alcoholic beverages on any College property, in College vehicles, or at any College-sponsored activity. Moreover, no Berkeley associate shall coerce, even subtly, a Berkeley student or associate to use drugs or alcohol. Any member of the Berkeley community found in violation of these rules is subject to all applicable legal action under local, state, and federal laws as well as disciplinary action, which may include, in the sole discretion of the College and without limitation, warnings (oral or written); mandatory completion of a substance abuse rehabilitation program; suspension (with or without pay); or immediate termination of employment.

To see Berkeley’s Alcohol and Drug Policy for Associates in its entirety, please go to: Berkeley's Alcohol and Drug Policy