Academic Support


College libraries are available at all campuses. They provide a combination of physical and virtual learning environments, resources, personnel and services that support the curriculum related research of students, enhance the instructional endeavors of faculty, and nurture personal/professional growth in the pursuit of life-long learning.

Resources include the system-wide collection of 109,000 print and media titles, 150,000 electronic book titles, 63,000 streaming video programs, and 77 research databases. Physical collections are held locally by campus and shared collectively throughout the College by way of a web-based library management system.

The library’s website provides on-site and remote access to resources, services, research, and help options. Print, electronic, on-demand video, and full text databases enhance coursework and support research within the majors, specializations, elective, and interdisciplinary topics of each program of study. The Berkeley College Online® library, available in Blackboard, supports online learning, locally and globally with a full array of web-based resources that include electronic journals, e-books, reference tools, assignment support and live chat assistance.*

The libraries are open days, evenings, and weekends when classes are in session. Academic librarians are available in person, by telephone, email, or live chat service to assist with navigating the electronic resources and locating materials within the Berkeley College Collections or through a worldwide resource-sharing network.

The ability to find, interpret, evaluate, and use many types of information is a valuable set of skills for academic and professional success. Throughout the academic experience there are many opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the value of information literacy.

* The Berkeley College Online Library is available from a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location where Internet access is available and permitted by law.

Center for Academic Success (formerly the ASC)

The Center for Academic Success is dedicated to empowering students throughout their academic careers at Berkeley College and encouraging their development as successful independent learners. Staff are available days, evenings, and weekends to support student achievement. Students may access an array of resources to support all academic courses.

Center services include:

On-site Services

The Center for Academic Success provides a productive learning environment at every campus for students to work and share ideas. Students can book one-on-one or group tutoring appointments with peer and professional tutors to dialogue about their progress in their course and work toward their academic goals. Sessions are available for all courses at Berkeley College, as well as in computer skills. Additionally, students can collaborate with their peers in tutor-led study groups in accounting, math, and other subjects. Groups may review coursework, study for assessments, or share strategies for success in the course. The Speakeasy program, available at every campus, coaches students in public speaking skills so that they can complete class presentations with confidence.

CAST Anywhere

Center for Academic Success Tutoring Anywhere, or CAST Anywhere, is a remote tutoring program. Students who prefer to connect to group or individual tutoring, study groups, computer skills assistance, or Speakeasy may access these programs on an online platform, available from any computer with a camera and a microphone. Some online classes also have an "Ask the Tutor" discussion board where students can dialogue with a peer about questions and ideas from their course. WriteAid provides asynchronous, remote feedback to students on their writing so that they can navigate the writing process independently. The Center's Blackboard site provides a range of online resources to students, including course-specific materials, a LibGuide on writing and citations, and webinars on study skills.

Learning Strategies

Students can attend forums and discussions on a variety of learning skills, including time management, maximizing study time, working effectively in groups, memory techniques, and many more topics that allow students to excel in their courses and gain confidence. These events may take place on campus or in the classroom. Students who are interested in developing their academic strategies on an individual basis may work with Center staff to develop a plan for more effective learning on-site or online.