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Career Data

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, so it’s wise to do your homework before you get started. The information listed here will give you a look into the career fields for which Berkeley College can help prepare you. Read on and you’ll learn about information such as:

  • The education you’ll need to get started
  • The type of work you’ll do
  • The employment outlook
  • The types of companies that are hiring in each field

Account at a Glance

Fashion Merchandising and Management at a Glance

Financial Services at a Glance

General Business at a Glance

Graphic Design at a Glance

Health Sciences at a Glance

Health Services Management at a Glance

Information Technology Management at a Glance

Interior Design Chair Alfonso Torino: The Importance of History and Culture in Modern Day Design

Interior Design at a Glance

International Business at a Glance

Justice Studies - Criminal Justice at a Glance

Legal studies at a Glance

Management at a Glance

M.B.A. in Management at a Glance

Marketing Communications at a Glance

Medical Assistant at a Glance

Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding at a Glance

Nursing at a Glance

Surgicial Technology at a Glance