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Do you have an interest in police work? The Certificate in Police Studies program at Berkeley College may be a great way to get started preparing for this exciting field! The program can be completed in just two semesters by taking two courses (six credits) per semester. The courses in the Certificate in Police Studies program can be taken online or at any New Jersey campus where the courses are offered. Online students will have the option to take one or more of the courses on site.

The Certificate in Police Studies program emphasizes the fundamental skills and knowledge in policing, including:

  • The history of policing
  • Report writing
  • The importance of police-community relations
  • And more

You’ll learn the essential attitudes and personal qualities that you can apply to any career or increase your personal knowledge of police in America. Courses are taught by regular Berkeley faculty members, many of whom have extensive professional experience in various areas of the criminal justice field.

Credits earned may count toward the Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree programs in Justice Studies - Criminal Justice at Berkeley College after you apply and are accepted into either one of these programs.

Adults with a high school diploma or its equivalent are welcome to enroll for this certificate program. There is a short registration form, but no formal acceptance process.

When registering for the Certificate in Police Studies, please be sure to select “Online” or “Onsite”, then “Desired Campus” as the location you would like to attend and “Non-Degree” as the degree level.

Police Studies Certificate Cost

An affordable option to further your education
The 12-credit Certificate program (four courses of three credits each) costs $740 per course. If you pay for the complete program up front, the cost is $2,895.

First Semester

  • JUS1100 - Introduction to Justice Studies (3 Credits)
  • JUS1110 - Communication Skills in Criminal Justice (3 Credits)

Second Semester

  • JUS2210 - Community Relations and Police (3 Credits)
  • SOC2218 - Police in Society (3 Credits)

Course Descriptions

JUS1100 Introduction to Justice Studies
Introduces the major institutions of justice in society. Topics include justice in a free society, the police, courts, correctional services, the balance of individual rights and public order, law and public policy, and factors affecting the future of the justice system.

JUS1110 Communication Skills for Criminal Justice Professionals
Examines the nature and importance of communication within the criminal justice system. Students develop report writing skills and an understanding of the impact report writing has on the investigation and prosecution of crime, as well as on the administration of justice.

JUS2210 Community Relations and Police
Introduces the history of community relations and the police. This course explores public relations programs and strategies.

Prerequisite: JUS1100

SOC2218 Police and Society
Introduces the history and traditions of American policing. Examines the role of the police in advancing justice in a democratic society. Topics include law enforcement operations and strategies, such as profiling, organizational structure, community affairs, police use of force, and various major concerns in public policy.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students in the Online Paralegal, Interior Design, and Police Studies Certificate programs are not eligible for Berkeley College grants and scholarships or lifetime career services assistance upon completion of the courses.