Blackboard FAQs

How do I access Blackboard?

Open your web browser and enter the following address – Enter your username.

The username for students who entered Berkeley prior to July 2008 is your firstname-lastname. Students who entered Berkeley after July 2008 should enter the first eight letters of your first name dash (-) the first eight letters of your last name. For example, if your name is Catherine Northsouth, your username would be catherin-northsou.

The default password will be Bc!MMSTID. That is (CAPITAL B) (lower case c) (exclamation point) (the two-digit month of your birth) (STID - the last four numbers of your student ID - found on your student ID card). Example: If you were born in March and the last four digits of your student ID are 5555, your new default password will be Bc!035555.

Why does it say "You are not currently enrolled in any course"?

Courses only appear on your Blackboard when the classes start.
Check the Academic Calendar to see when classes are in session.
Call Advisement and Student Records to make sure you are enrolled for the current quarter.

How do I change my Blackboard password?

For security reasons, users must change their password to a strong password for email (Office 365), Blackboard, and Student Self Service. Click here for directions on how to change your password for Office 365. Click here for information on how to change your Blackboard and Student Self Service passwords. Click here to go directly to the password change module.

How do I contact my online professor?

Click on the Faculty Information button.
Here you will find your professor's email address and phone number.
You will also find information about the professor and the course using this tool.

How do I copy and paste my assignment?

Select the text you wish to copy.
Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and then press the C key.
Click where you would like to paste the text.
Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and then press the V key.

How do I check my grades in the online gradebook?

Click on Course Tools.
Click on My Grades.
Check to see your score.

What do I do if my assignment has a lock?

Contact the Helpdesk by calling 973-278-5400 ext. 1540.
The Helpdesk can clear a locked assignment for you.

Note: The Helpdesk can only unlock assignments that do not show a grade. If the assignment has a grade, you must contact your professor.

How do I access a class discussion?

Click on the Discussions button.
Click on the discussion posted.
Follow your professor's directions.
Click on one of the comments and click on reply.
You may also click on the Create Thread button to start a discussion.

I am connecting through AOL. Why is Blackboard not working?

America Online (AOL) users may not be able to access Blackboard properly using the browser supplied with AOL. AOL uses its own internal browser that allows users to browse the web. These web browsers are usually older versions of Internet Explorer. Blackboard does not recommend using AOL with Blackboard software. To solve this problem, please do the following.

1. Connect to your AOL account as you normally would.
2. Minimize the AOL browser by clicking on the Minimize button. (You will still be logged on to AOL.)
3. Click on the icon for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox to open the browser.
4. When the browser opens, enter Berkeley College’s Blackboard web address into the web browser’s address search box. The web address is Log in to Blackboard with your Blackboard username and password.

Note: To keep from being timed out from your AOL account, you should periodically (every 10-15 minutes) reopen the AOL browser and do a search of any kind.