About the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force (DEITF)

Berkeley College established the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force (DEITF) in order to remain responsive to local and national challenges of racial equality, systemic racism, and social justice. The Task Force, comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators, conducts outreach to all members of the Berkeley College community, including students and alumni, as it develops an action plan to establish and measure institutional priorities to advance diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.



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picture of Dallas Reed
Dallas Reed, Ph.D.

Vice President, Student Development and Campus Life and Title IX Coordinator

“Berkeley College proudly serves a very diverse student population, and we must make certain that diversity, equity and inclusion is woven throughout our practices, policies, staffing, and decision making,” Reed said. “We are living in unprecedented times, and that requires unprecedented action and assurance of equality and representation for everyone. There is no better place for that to happen than in higher education.”

Dallas Reed
photo of Moya Bansile
Moya Bansile, Esq.

Faculty and Pre-Law Advisor
Legal Students, School of Professional Studies

“The time has come for each individual to examine their roles in perpetuating discrimination, bias, and bigotry – of any form and in any manner, whether concealed or obvious – and to be a part of the solution in remediating and eradicating these societal wrongs.”

Moya Bansile

Task Force Members

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picture of Melissa Baralt
Melissa Baralt, Ph.D.


Division of General Education


picture of byron hargrove
Byron Hargrove, Ph.D.

Director, Honors Program

Division of General Education


photo of angela harrington
Angela Harrington

Vice President, Communications and External Relations


photo of michael iris
Michael Iris

Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations & Career Services


picture of Rachel Adler
Rachel Adler Jaffee, Esq.

Associate General Counsel and Associate Vice President, Compliance


picture of leigh leblanc
Leigh LeBlanc

Director, High School Admissions


picture of Kimberly malone
Kimberly Malone

Dean, Academic Advisement


picture of marc Thompson
Marc Thompson

Director, Business Development