Four-year Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Option

Four-Year Combined BBA/MBA
Four-Year Combined BS/MBA

Berkeley College makes it possible for high-achieving students in certain programs to complete a BBA or BS and an MBA in Management in as little as four years, assuming full-time enrollment in three semesters per year. This option offers many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Graduate with an MBA much sooner than through the traditional route
  • Expand career opportunities and earning potential with an advanced degree
  • Save significant tuition costs

This option is open to students in the following BBA and BS programs (on-site and online programs approved in New Jersey and New York City only):

In this option, students will attend full-time, three semesters per calendar year. Students must also complete:

  • All requirements for the MBA in Management degree in just one calendar year
  • One-two MBA core course(s) as an undergraduate elective
  • 30-33 MBA credits in the three semesters of their fourth calendar year of study

To be considered for the Four-year Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Option, current Berkeley College undergraduates or transfer and prospective students must meet the following admission criteria:

  • Full-time enrollment or intention to study full-time
  • Successful completion of undergraduate courses considered core courses in the student's chosen BBA or BS major