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General Business

Berkeley College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. B.B.A., General Business is accredited by IACBE.

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Student Testimonial

“Enroll, take the risk. For me it has been worth it. Berkeley is a very understanding school with a high level of education. The tutoring service makes it easier to do well.”

-Taylor Peel, Business Student

Taylor Teel

The Berkeley College General Business program can give you a broad base of powerful business knowledge.

Through input from Advisory Boards and a faculty with real-world experience, the Berkeley College General Business program can prepare you for a variety of careers in different functions such as management, production, operations, marketing, finance, business analytics, and human resources.

The program emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You’ll learn in an environment that simulates global business markets, where you’ll have opportunities to work on projects that are focused on community engagement, as well as study under the guidance of experts on special topics such data mining, negotiations, business, and society. You’ll gain the necessary skills for the competitive marketplace and also have the option of continuing your education or exploring different roles and industries.

Here’s what sets the Berkeley General Business program apart: 

  • You’ll get hands-on instruction from professors with professional experience who also offer close, personal attention and tutoring outside of the classroom
  • You’ll train with the current technology used in business
  • You’ll have access to tutoring services, workshops, and seminars through the Center for Academic Success
  • You can choose an online B.B.A. option that offers the opportunity to take concentrated courses in seven-week intervals
  • You’ll get valuable, practical experience through program-related internship or job-related assignment that provide opportunities to apply skills learned in the classroom in a real-world setting.
  • You’ll have exceptional networking opportunities through faculty and alumni connections

Four-Year Integrated B.B.A. to M.B.A. Degree

Berkeley College makes it possible to earn both a B.B.A. and an M.B.A in as little as four years.

High-performing students in the General Business B.B.A. program may have the option to complete a Baccalaureate degree and a Master of Business Administration degree in Management in as few as four calendar years. This option offers many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Graduate with an M.B.A. much sooner than through the traditional route
  • Expand career opportunities and earning potential with an advanced degree
  • Save significant tuition costs

This option is open to students in certain programs (on-site and online programs approved in New Jersey only). 

For more information regarding a degree in General Business or another program of study at Berkeley College, click here.

Program Locations: 

General Business Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (B.B.A.) is offered in: New York City, White Plains, Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge, Woodland Park, Online

Want to learn more about Berkeley's General Business program?

You’ll find additional information in our Catalog, including the different degrees offered, descriptions of the courses you’ll take, the department faculty, and much more. You can always live chat or contact us with questions.

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