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Study Abroad with Berkeley College

Studying abroad is a great experience that can expose you to new cultures and give you a different perspective on the world. It can also be a tremendous benefit when beginning a career.

Berkeley College students who are interested in studying abroad may participate in a program through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Eligible students may choose to study in one of seven different countries around the world.

For important deadlines, check the program page at https://usac.edu to determine program availability and the last day to register or cancel.

Berkeley College Study Abroad Information

Studying abroad is a great way for you to explore the world. It can be an enriching experience where learning extends beyond the classroom. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture, familiarize yourself with another language, travel, take classes, and develop a global perspective on matters related to history, politics, economics, cross-cultural communications, business, and more. You are encouraged to review all information provided to you prior to contacting the Academic Advisement Office.

We are pleased that you are interested in a Study-Abroad Program. It is an exciting world and earning part of your Berkeley College degree in another country can be a great experience. There are some very important things you should know before you pursue this opportunity.

Only students in their junior or senior years of study are eligible. You must have a minimum GPA of 2.50. A letter from your physician indicating that you have no health impediments to traveling abroad is also mandatory.

All USAC Programs
All University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) programs begin with a mandatory, comprehensive, on-site orientation. These orientations provide students with a general introduction to the country, city, and program, as well as important health and safety information. This on-site information builds upon the pre-departure resources students receive, including the Student Handbook (sent to all students and parents before the program), that details health and safety recommendations, pre-departure tips, and general travel advice. Make sure your passport and visa (should you need one) are in order.

Studying abroad can be very expensive. If your program is approved, you will be responsible for the program tuition, program fees, College administrative fee, and the additional costs outlined below. If you intend to use federal financial aid towards the program tuition and program fees, please note that disbursement of such aid will not occur until on or about week four (4) of the semester. You may be responsible for providing payment towards tuition and fees in the interim, until the aid disburses. If there is a credit balance on your account, it will be refunded to you. Also, please note that Berkeley College institutional aid cannot be applied to study abroad programs. Additional costs that you are responsible for include:

1. Airfare and local transportation 
2. Room and board 
3. Books and supplies 
4. Other living expenses 
5. Miscellaneous expenses

A student’s enrollment in an approved study abroad program for credit by Berkeley College may be considered enrollment at Berkeley College for purposes of applying for federal student financial aid.

If you are interested in a Study-Abroad program, Berkeley requires that you use the following website to select your study abroad program. We have an agreement with USAC which means a good portion of the work is already done for you. Please go to the University Studies Abroad Consortium at: https://usac.edu/study-abroad-programs.

Please choose only from the locations listed below:

This list contains the program locations approved by Berkeley College. Please note that not every program location offered by USAC has been approved. If you are interested in participating, please review the program website for information about application deadlines and fees.

1. Begin by clicking on Study-Abroad Programs
2. Click on “Programs” and enter the term and area of study you are considering. You will be presented with the countries (choose ONLY from those countries listed above) that offer the term and area of study for which you are considering. 
3. Choose the country. 
4. You will be directed to a screen (example below) where you can find information about courses, fees, accommodations, etc.

Print the form below and enter your choices. Bring the form with you to the Academic Advisor at your campus, who will:

  • Determine your eligibility for the program
  • Answer all your academic questions

If you are eligible, your Advisor will assist you in determining the classes that can be credited to your degree at Berkeley.

Next, visit the Financial Aid Office at your campus to discuss the costs for the Study-Abroad Program. They will:

  • Determine how much aid you will receive to cover costs
  • Develop a timeline
  • Help you determine feasibility
  • Answer all other financial questions

When the process has been completed, an Academic and Financial Aid Advisor will sign the form and forward it to the Office of the Registrar for review and approval. You must also visit Student Accounts. (Students with unpaid balances will not be permitted to participate.) The Academic Advisor will notify you when the entire process has been completed. Complete your application prior to the deadline listed, as many programs fill early.

Berkeley College is partnered with the University Studies Abroad Consortium to provide students with Study-Abroad opportunities!

USAC is a non-profit organization made up of 33 U.S. member universities that have provided quality, affordable study abroad programs for almost 30 years. USAC currently offers programs in 24 countries at 39 program sites. USAC students come from both universities in the consortium, as well as 700+ universities nationwide.

University Studies Abroad Consortium 
University of Nevada / MS 0323 
Reno, NV 89557-0323 
Email: usac@unr.edu 
Phone: Toll-free: 1-866-404-USAC (8722) 
Phone: 1-775-784-6569 
Fax: 1-775-784-601

Application of Intent
To start the process of applying for Study-Abroad, you must fill out an Application of Intent form and submit to your Advisement Advisor.

Consortium Agreement
This document must be completed prior to having been approved for a Study-Abroad program. It is required by Berkeley College and the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) in order to outline the agreement pertaining to your study abroad program.

Academic Advisement Study Abroad Form
Please complete this document and return it to your Academic Advisor.

General Application with Medical Form