Be persistent.

We encourage you to visit Berkeley College and to speak with Admissions associates, as well as other students who have transferred from other colleges. We’re confident you’ll find that we’re the right fit.

Everyone’s educational and career goals vary. Before you choose a college, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Will the program and curriculum prepare me for a career?
    • Berkeley’s programs are developed with input from industry experts to prepare students for the professional world.
  • Are the professors really qualified to help me prepare for a career?
    • Many Berkeley professors have extensive professional experience in the subjects they teach, having worked at leading companies and organizations. Some have run their own firms.
  • Is help available?
    • Centers for Academic Success at each Berkeley campus offer comprehensive support resources and services, including tutoring at no additional charge. Counseling and other support services are also available.
  • Will I get any practical experience while in college?
    • Many Berkeley College programs include an internship, job-related assignment, or practicum for a valuable learning experience.
  • Will the college help me find a job?
    • Berkeley Career Services specialists prepare students for career opportunities and maintain an extensive network of employer contacts. Berkeley graduates receive free career assistance.

Berkeley realizes that learning does not only take place in the traditional classroom. Adult learners often bring many years of learning through diverse experiences in life and in the workplace. Some of these experiences may be counted towards college-level work through prior learning credits.

Prior Learning is defined as documented college-level learning acquired through previous study or through non-classroom experiences such as:

  • Travel
  • Volunteer work
  • Independent acquisition of knowledge
  • Participation in formal courses sponsored by associations, business, government, industry, the military, and unions
  • Participation in certification programs and professional development courses

Detailed information is available in the Credit for Prior Learning Guide (PDF).

For further information about Prior Learning at Berkeley College, call 800-446-5400 or contact the Office of Prior Learning Assessment at

For information about transfer credits, see the Berkeley College Transfer Credit Policy.

If you’ve earned an Associate’s degree from a college in the United States (other than Berkeley College), you may be eligible for The Berkeley College Transfer Opportunity Program (TOP) Grant. The TOP Grant awards vary based on the semester you entered the College.  This Grant is renewable to students each term, based on full-time enrollment and a GPA of 2.00 or better at the end of each award period. To view more information about The Berkeley College TOP Grant and other Berkeley College Grants and Scholarships please click Berkeley College Grants and Scholarships for students who started spring 2022 and prior or Berkeley College Grants and Scholarships for students who started fall 2022 and later.

A special opportunity to earn your Bachelor’s degree for Union County College A.A.S. in Business Management and A.S. in Criminal Justice graduates

Through a special agreement, the Union County College (UCC) 3+1 Scholarship is a convenient way for UCC graduates in Business Management and Criminal Justice to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Berkeley College at a substantial savings!

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll complete your third year at UCC paying the UCC tuition
  • You’ll earn a second Associate’s degree in Advanced and Continuous Studies from UCC
  • During your three years at UCC, you’ll satisfy the first three (3) years of coursework for a corresponding Berkeley College Bachelor’s degree program
  • You’ll then be able to complete a fourth year at Berkeley College and earn a Bachelor’s degree in General Business or Justice Studies-Criminal Justice from Berkeley College with up to a full scholarship

Union County College 3+1 Scholarship

Amount: Up to full tuition, including administrative and technology fees. Does not cover on-campus housing or any other fees. Cannot be combined with any other Berkeley College grants or scholarships. Effective fall 2020 semester.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Completion of an Associate’s degree at Union County College
  • Completion of a third academic year at Union County College
  • Minimum UCC GPA of 2.00 or higher (for all third-year courses outlined in the agreement)

Renewability Requirements:

  • Must remain in good academic standing
  • Students who have attended for at least two consecutive semesters may take one semester leave without losing eligibility

Continuing your education can expand your career possibilities and increase your earning potential! Don’t pass up this extraordinary opportunity!

To learn more, call contact Jennifer DeJesus at or 732-750-1800 ext. 2100