Gary Krulish, MBA, MPA

Professor Gary Krulish is the Chair of the Justice Studies and National Security Department within the School of Professional Studies at Berkeley College. He has been involved in law enforcement and criminal justice for more than twenty years, either in the field or within the classroom as a scholarly practitioner.

Prior to joining academia, Prof. Krulish served as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service. As a federal criminal investigator, he worked on cases focusing on all facets of financial crime investigations, as well as protection-related details and assignments.

Post-9/11, Prof. Krulish spent time on several task forces such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force, the 2002 Winter Olympics Games in Salt Lake City, the Department of the Treasury, Inter-Agency Organized Crime Task Force, and the West African Task Force. He has collaborated with law enforcement agencies at every level of government while working on cases involving access device fraud, bank fraud, counterfeit currency, and identity theft, along with many other types of electronic crimes.

Prof. Krulish holds a BS in Administration of Justice from Rutgers University; an MPA with a specialization in Emergency Management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice; and an MBA from New Jersey Institute of Technology, with a concentration in Technology Management. He is pursuing a doctoral degree and is in the process of writing his dissertation focused on the impact of social media on policing.

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