Blended Learning Courses

What is a blended learning course?

A blended learning course combines on-site classroom instruction with an online learning component that is conducted via Canvas and other out-of-class activities.

What is a typical course schedule?

Blended learning classes meet once each week for two hours in the classroom and for two hours each week online at a time of the student’s choosing. The four hours do not include the time it will take to complete class assignments listed on the course syllabus. Students must complete course assignments by the specified due dates.

Is blended learning right for me?

Blended learning is for students who wish to combine face-to-face instruction with online activities such as collaborative discussions, group projects, or other assignments. Successful blended learning students are:

  • interested in active and participatory learning—both in the classroom and online;
  • comfortable with using the computer, the internet, and Canvas;
  • organized and good at time management;
  • strong writers, critical thinkers, and communicators;
  • willing to dedicate quality time to the online component of the class.

How much time should I expect to spend online?

Blended learning students should expect to spend between two to three additional hours online throughout the week. This time does not include regular coursework such as reading, writing, and studying.

What should I expect in blended learning course?

Blended learning courses provide more flexibility in when you attend class than traditional on-site courses, but they require just as much dedication and focus on the learning process. The reward for the student comes from taking a more active, participatory role in the learning process. By engaging and collaborating with other students and the instructor on a regular basis in the classroom and online discussions, the blended learning student becomes an active contributor to the learning process.

What are the requirements for taking blended learning courses at Berkeley College?

  1. Students are required to complete the Road to Success in Online Learning (RTS) before enrolling in a blended learning course. This is a prerequisite for all Berkeley College students prior to taking the required internship course. Taking it so that you can enroll in a blended learning course means that you will have fulfilled that requirement prior to your internship.
  2. Students need to attend the weekly class session in person. Arriving on time, being prepared, and staying for the entire class session is imperative for the successful completion of the course.
  3. Students need to log into their Canvas course on a regular basis to contribute to discussions and other online activities, not just at regularly scheduled class times.
  4. Students need to own or have access to a computer on a regular basis.
  5. Students must have access to the Internet with sufficient bandwidth to handle large files and videos.
  6. Students’ computers must have standard software packages such as Microsoft Office, an appropriate browser, access to the web, and appropriate levels of virus protection software. The full set of computer hardware and software requirements can be found on Computer System and Course Requirements.

Tips for success in blended learning.

  • Get organized: Make time for learning and participating with your professor and your classmates. Keep track of deadlines, and give yourself plenty of time to complete assignments. Check online discussions on a regular basis and give yourself extra time to handle any technology related problems.
  • Prioritize your work: Organize your learning and your assignments and determine the order in which you need to tackle them. Utilize a calendar to map out your study plan.
  • Log in regularly: Check your school email and Canvas daily. There may be new class announcements, responses to questions, new learning units, assignments, and new discussion postings by the professor and your classmates. Active participation in learning activities is critical for your learning success.
  • Do not fall behind: It is dangerous (and may waste your money) to wait until the last minute to complete your assignments, to skip one learning unit, or to miss an on-site class. You will find yourself struggling to catch up and becoming demotivated and pressured as a result.
  • Participate, participate, and participate: A lot of learning is realized through the classroom and online interactions. Participation reveals new ideas and thoughts and develops your critical thinking skills.
  • Be comfortable with technology: Ensure that you have access to the internet and Canvas and that you are comfortable with using the required software technologies.

What are the other benefits for students who take a blended learning course?

The skills you build and use in blended learning – organization, time management, and problem solving – are life skills that will benefit you in your study at Berkeley College, in your work, and in your personal life.

What's next?

Contact your academic advisor to discuss blended learning courses and to enroll.

Please visit Course Schedules to see the current list of blended learning courses.