Berkeley College Online® 7-Week Graduate Course Schedule Session I Fall 2022

Fall 2022
September 6, 2022 - October 22, 2022

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Subject Course No. Description Credits Day(s) Start Time End Time Instructor
Master of Business Admin
MBA 5501 Essentials of Management 3 Joel Reichart
MBA 5501 Essentials of Management 3 David Glazer
MBA 5501 Essentials of Management 3 Jimmy McCarty
MBA 6100 LE Executive Accountability 3 Allen Sondej
MBA 6607 Advanced Auditing 3 Zohaib Qamar
MBA 6610 Operations Management 3 Andrew Arumemi
MBA 6620 Managerial Economics for Busin 3 Sam Nwosu
MBA 6625 Managerial Finance 3 Keith Weissman
MBA 6630 Marketing Strategy in a Global 3 Vinita Ittoop
MBA 6635 Strategic Management of Techno 3 Christopher Warburton
MBA 6641 Emp. Rec. and Selec 3 Linda Lossmann
MBA 6651 Health Care Systems and Enviro 3 David Gorman
MBA 6667 Corporate Treasury & Risk Mana 3 David Lavelle
MBA 6672 Global Supply Chain Management 3 Mohamed Moussa