NYC Mayor's Graduate Scholarship Program

The NYC Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship program is open to qualified full-time NYC government employees entering the Berkeley College Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in the fall 2024 semester. Up to 15 scholarships of 20% of tuition will be awarded.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be enrolled full-time or part-time enrollment in an MBA degree program in Berkeley College - NY or NY Online.
  • Be a newly matriculated fall 2024 student only
  • Complete a FAFSA form
  • Be a full-time NYC government employee
  • Be in good academic standing throughout the course of study to continually receive the Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship
  • Maintain continuous, consecutive term enrollment (You cannot regain eligibility upon readmission)

Restrictions: The NYC Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship program cannot be combined with any other form of Berkeley College institutional aid.

To renew the NYC Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship Program, you must:

  • Be a full-time NYC government employee at the time of repackaging
  • Be renewed annually by meeting the eligibility requirements
  • Satisfy SAP requirements
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