Top 10 Reasons to Return to College 

  1. You’re Worth the Investment – Having a college degree may increase your opportunities for employment. Many employers only hire college graduates.
  2. Improve Your Lifestyle – College graduates make substantially more money than those who graduate only from high school.
  3. Don’t Settle For Less – What can be better than working at a career that you love?
  4. Career Opportunities – Berkeley graduates receive free career assistance.
  5. You Never Stop Learning – Completing your program at Berkeley College can enhance your ability to think creatively, improve your current skills, increase your critical thinking, and improve your overall communication skills.
  6. Program Flexibility – Choose a schedule that works best for you. Day, evening/weekend, and online classes are available to give you some flexibility in your personal schedule.
  7. Working Faculty Mentors – Caring instructors with relevant professional experience.
  8. Financial Affordability – Berkeley College makes earning your degree attainable. More than $27 million in Berkeley College institutional aid was provided to qualified students during the 2022-2023 award year.
  9. Build a Network – Returning to Berkeley College can help you build social and professional networks. See what is new with Berkeley clubs, organizations, and sport teams! 
  10. Why Wait? – Don’t delay your education, and future career prospects. Now is the time to come back! There is still time to register for classes!