Dreams of a Visual Merchandising Career Come True

Adriana Delgado realized she needed to make a change back in 1998, when she was well into her sophomore year in college. That’s when she decided to transfer to Berkeley College and pursue her passions for fashion merchandising and marketing. “Thanks to my degree I am a visual merchandiser, which has always been my dream, for the top wireless carrier,” Ms. Delgado said.

Ms. Delgado graduated with Honors two years later, earning an A.A.S. degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. She quickly applied the skills she obtained at Berkeley College to the world of visual merchandising, starting off at wear-to-work retailer New York & Company, before joining wireless carrier Verizon in 2004.

At Verizon, Ms. Delgado serves as a senior analyst in Merchandising and Store Design in Basking Ridge, NJ, supporting 1,693 direct retail store locations with merchandising rollouts and modifications. She also works on vendor management, design modifications, cost analysis, inventory management, LEED certification, and national contact pricing.

Ms. Delgado, who resides in Lake Hiawatha, NJ, was named the 2012-2013 Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women. She continues to volunteer at Berkeley College as Secretary for the College Alumni Board, and for the past two years also served as the Alumni Community Service Liaison, encouraging alumni to participate in Berkeley College’s Community Service Day. “It is exciting to have the opportunity to inspire other alumni to take the time to give back to their communities and to those in need,” Ms. Delgado said.

Up Close with Adriana Delgado

What does success mean to you?

Success to me means doing what you love! I don’t think success is necessarily defined by material wealth or status, but by our contribution to this world. At the end of the day, it’s about making a difference and spending your time doing what makes you happy.

What initially inspired you to enroll in Berkeley College?

I was in my second year at the state university when I realized there was absolutely nothing there for me. I knew in my heart that even if I obtained a degree, I wouldn’t have a career in the field I wanted. It was at that exact moment that I decided to pursue a career in merchandising, which was my passion. At the time, a Fashion Marketing and Management degree was rare, but Berkeley College gave me this opportunity.

How did Berkeley College prepare you for success?

Berkeley College prepared me in so many ways! The professors were experts in their subject matter, and also had real-life experience in that field. The project presentations in my classes prepared me for my current role. It helped me to become more comfortable with public speaking, which can be intimidating. The dress code was business casual, so it helped make me feel as if I was a professional in my field already. It reminds me of that saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” And they assisted me with resume writing and interview preparation.

In which way(s) do you see yourself being successful in the future?

I am successful now and I think the future can only get brighter! I never would have imagined that I would be serving as the Secretary for the Berkeley Alumni Board. I am also a huge advocate for volunteer work and I have been fortunate to have been chosen as the Alumni Community Service Liaison for the last two years. It is exciting to have the opportunity to inspire other alumni to take the time to give back to their communities and to those in need. I plan on continuing to develop in my field and also to spread the word regarding volunteering.

What advice would you offer today’s college-bound students?

The sacrifice is worth it! They should know there will be difficult times when they might feel defeated or feel like giving up. There will be days when you won’t be able to do what you would like to because you have a class early in the morning, or nights you will need to stay up late studying. That’s preparing you for the future. They should enjoy every minute of the college experience because before they know it, graduation will be around the corner.

What was your most memorable moment at Berkeley College?

My most memorable moment was Commencement Day! I remember feeling anxious for my name to be called. I will never forget that feeling of pride and joy as I walked down the aisle to receive my diploma. I was so thrilled that I was graduating with honors and that I had been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. It was an amazing day.

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