5 Overlooked Advantages of an Associate’s Degree

When aspiring students begin to plan their academic careers, they most likely think about how they’ll have to commit four years of hard work before they can start their new careers. While that’s certainly a route many individuals take, it is by no means the only available route. In fact, many people who want to make a real change in their lives and careers are taking a closer look at Associate’s degrees as an alternative to the typical college path.

While it’s true that a Bachelor’s degree will more likely result in increased career options and earning potential, an Associate’s degree can provide a less expensive alternative with shorter time frame, meaning you could theoretically move into your desired field sooner than later. Now available in many traditional and emerging career fields, Associate’s degrees can offer very specific advantages over Bachelor’s programs. These are a few of the reasons why many are taking a closer look at the benefits of an Associate’s degree.


The first and most obvious advantage is the affordability of an Associate’s program versus a Bachelor’s program. Associate’s programs are designed to be completed in two years and typically require half the classes and credits as a Bachelor’s. As a result, tuition and other costs can be significantly lower. If a student is concerned that she or he may not have the resources to fund four whole years of classes, an Associate’s degree could be an appealing alternative.

Improved Career Prospects

Compared to workers with only a high school diploma, those with an Associate’s degree earn $120 more weekly, on average. In addition, the unemployment rate for Associate’s degree holders is only 3.8%, compared to 5.4% for those with a high school education. Combine both of those statistics and it’s easy to see the financial benefits of an Associate’s degree.


Many colleges, including Berkeley College, offer extensive evening or online classes geared toward working students. These programs make it much easier for students to expand their career options by furthering their education without giving up their current jobs.

Begin a New Career Sooner

The idea of waiting four years to begin a career or change career fields may be discouraging to some, particularly adult students who may already have years of work experience. For those seeking a change sooner, an Associate’s degree can significantly expedite the process.

Option for More Education is Always There

An Associate’s degree doesn’t have to be the end of the road. The credits earned for your Associate’s may transfer toward a Bachelor’s, putting that goal within your reach. And holding an Associate’s degree could mean earning more while pursuing the Bachelor’s degree, if you decide to continue your education.

When you look closely at the benefits and advantages, it’s easy to understand why an Associate’s degree could be right choice for many students. An affordable option that enables you to pursue your new career is hard to argue with.

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