Excelling as a Berkeley Honors student, Lindsay Fiorellini aspires to protect the nation

Although she’s still a student, Lindsay Fiorellini is already quite accomplished. She’s certified as an EMT and a firefighter and has a passion for helping people in need. And she’s loving her time at Berkeley College as a Justice Studies - Criminal Justice major concentrating in Homeland Security. She expects to graduate in December with her Bachelor's degree. 

She began by exploring her options

“After applying to ten different colleges with multiple full scholarship offers, I chose Berkeley and was accepted into the Honors Program,” Lindsay said. “Not only was I excited to be a part of the Honors Program, but I was also going to be taught by professors with real-world experience in the field.” She continued, “I set out to develop relationships with mentors who could help guide me through the process of pursuing a career in law enforcement. And I was able to accomplish this and complete my degree a year and a half earlier than my peers because of the trimester system at Berkeley.”

Lindsay-body-copy-image.jpgA positive attitude…and a positive experience

According to Lindsay, “My Berkeley experience has been nothing but positive because of the support services. The Career Services staff is my favorite hidden gem at Berkeley. They have helped me secure contacts for internships, reviewed my resume, and even provided clothes for interviews.” She added, “These hardworking individuals are there for me every step of the way and are so easy to reach. I cannot thank them enough!”

Comparing her experience

“Compared to the experiences of my family and friends, my college experience has been unique. I have a personal relationship with the staff. People know me by my name,” Lindsay pointed out. “Much of this is possible due to the small class sizes. Additionally, as part of an Honors cohort, I was able to create lifetime friendships with individuals with the same goals and mindset.”

Realistic career preparation

According to Lindsay, her coursework has been engaging, and she has learned a great deal about her chosen field of homeland security. At the same time, she said, “I’ve become more prepared for the job market by using the connections and contacts I’ve made at Berkeley to apply for internships. The application process for these experiences has solidified my resume writing and confidence for interviewing.”

Not coming from a law enforcement family, Lindsay had no knowledge or experience in the field prior to beginning her studies at Berkeley. But, she quickly noted, “I have been able to become a better candidate for the career I want because I have been able to be under the direction of amazing individuals at the Federal Air Marshal Service, Bogota Police Department, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

A commitment to volunteerism

Lindsay has been able to continue her volunteerism because of the financial freedom Berkeley has offered through the Honors scholarship. “The flexible schedule also allowed me to complete the fire academy during my last winter semester,” she proudly recalled. “My research paper titled, ‘Extinguishing the Friendly Fire: Establishing a Nondiscriminatory Work Environment for Female First Responders,’ allowed me to uncover and provide solutions for problems I might face in a public safety position.” Lindsay also recently participated in a student panel during a meeting of Berkeley College administrators, faculty, and associates to share her views on the College.

Recognition of her achievements

“Lindsay epitomizes everything we expect in an Honors Scholar!” according to Byron Hargrove, Ph.D., Director of the Berkeley College Honors Program. “She’s a great College ambassador who works hard, serves her community, and is eager to learn and grow. Her positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm, and work ethic made her an all-star among her peers.” Dr. Hargrove continued, “Every few years we have a multi-award winner. This year Lindsay, representing the Woodland Park campus, won Best Honors Thesis, Academic MVP, and Community Service MVP from fall to spring 2022.”

Professor Pattie Cowan agreed, “It is difficult to fully sing the praises of Lindsay in a handful of words. While she exemplifies all that we look for in an Honors student, she is so much more. The dedication she shows for her studies and academic endeavors is mimicked in the enthusiasm she has for all of her ventures.” Professor Cowan added, “She always challenges herself to attain new goals, and she also challenges her peers to become the best versions of themselves. She is a true leader, respected by her classmates, the faculty, and all who meet her. Lindsay will go far in life.”

Future plans to protect and serve

“I hope to work in a law enforcement position that allows me to use my EMT and firefighting certifications to help people in need,” Lindsay said. “Whether my role is an investigator or a first responder answering calls to service, I am excited to make a life out of emergency management."

Are you a prospective student considering Berkeley College?

“My biggest advice is to follow your gut,” Lindsay emphasized. “It will know things before your mind can process them. Choose a place where you feel comfortable. The rest will fall into place. You can build a home here, and you can create the best version of yourself.”

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