A Universal Artist Ready to Take on the World

As a Senior Graphic Design student at Berkeley College (Woodland Park Campus), my encounter with this school has been positive and peculiar. My professors saw my vision and have assisted me to expand on my creative ideas. In my Graphic Design courses, instead of working on projects for other people, our professors encouraged us to build a portfolio for our own brand credibility. As a Music Artist/Composer and Graphic Branding/Advertising Designer, I see how we, as a people, deal with issues bigger than ourselves. We are exposed to a world that expects us to help others to flourish financially. But what about us? Berkeley College genuinely cares about the students and the staff, and wants us to blossom into our professional purpose and calling.


They even help their students to identify who they truly are to stand out amongst the status quo. My academic advisors, professors, and staff members always demonstrate how possible it is to build a prosperous future. Being 25, there is nothing to rush for, because I am confident that the wisdom I am gaining here at Berkeley College will be useful for where I am heading next.


After I graduate in May 2018 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, I still want to represent Berkeley by motivating the students to graduate, and to help them find that inner inspiration through music with live performances. I will be entering the music industry to bring forth that spark to those who do not see further than their struggle. As a universal artist, I focus on reviving the realms of audiovisual performance, identity design, and promotion while aiming to build and develop the careers of other fellow musicians as they fulfill their professional purpose and harmonic calling. I will be creating advertising and branding design for clients in various fields to help enhance their visual image as a business/entrepreneur.


I appreciate professors such as Julia Hutchinson and Alethea Cruz, for they are masters of their crafts in the arts of Graphic/Visual Design. I appreciate Carlos Cruz (Chairman of the Graphic Design Program), and Earl Brown (Campus Operating Officer at the Newark campus) for consistently pouring wisdom into me and for providing me the resources to navigate wisely and professionally in my creative field. I acknowledge my academic advisors Christy Wrightington, Vanessa Rivera, Jaquil White, Nadesa Tejada, Pamela Piro, and Dean Steven Brunjes, for keeping me well-informed with my schedule and on track to accomplish my career endeavors.