Tips for Online Success

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In the wake of the coronavirus – COVID-19 – Berkeley College has elected to shift all classes to an online modality. Here are some key tips to help students as they migrate to an online learning environment: 

Review all the online assignments and work on Sunday – the first day of the school week – so you can plan the rest of your week. It helps to do a little bit of your class work each day so you do not feel overwhelmed.
- Focus on one online class each day. For example, complete work and post for one class on Monday, the second class on Tuesday, and the third class on Wednesday.
- Patience is key. Explore the various areas of your online course to familiarize yourself with the content. Materials are likely grouped or identified according to week number and these week numbers should align with calendar weeks on your course syllabus.
- Remember that participation in online discussion boards is important. This is one way professors track engagement and participation of online students.
- Additional online papers or quizzes may be due by the end of the school week – Saturday at 11:59 p.m.
- Tutors are available for most online classes. For help with assignments, email the Center for Academic Success at and the staff will work with you to identify a tutor.
- Most importantly, reach out to your online professors early letting them know of any challenges you are having with any online classes. Students who need further assistance should contact his or her Academic Advisor.