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Black History Month

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Contact: Ilene Greenfield
Director of Media Relations


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Throughout Black History Month in February, Berkeley College celebrates Black Americans' achievements and recognizes their role in our nation’s history. There are many opportunities to participate in activities commemorating Black History Month.

Dates: January 29 – February 4
Name: Travel Channel - New Orleans: A Tour of the Mardi Gras Capital, Home of the Famous Beignets and Birthplace of Jazz.
Time: All week
Description: The Student Development and Campus Life Travel Channel series highlights the history of Black culture in New Orleans.
Join: https://berkeleycollege.libguides.com/c.php?g=681697&p=8146768

Dates: February 1 – 28
Name: The Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL) Spotify Playlist: A Musical Journey through Black American Culture
Time: All month
Description: SDCL has compiled an audio journey spotlighting Black musical artists whose voices and songs changed the world.
Join: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6ZAkE2azSsUFMke5a0ED4z

Dates: February 1, 8, 15 and 22
Name: Motivational Monday - Black History Quotes
Time: All week
Description: The Student Development and Campus Life weekly Motivational Monday quote series will highlight prominent African Americans who significantly influenced America's society.
Join: https://berkeleycollege.libguides.com/c.php?g=681697&p=8114148

Date: February 4
Name: Let’s Talk about Prejudice and Discrimination
Time: 4 – 5 p.m.
Description: Students will have the opportunity to examine the definitions of "prejudice" and "discrimination” while having an open discussion on what these terms mean to them and how both can impact their lives.
Join: https://berkeleycollege.zoom.us/j/96961158868

Dates: February 5 – 11
Name: Travel Channel - Influential African American Women in History
Time: All week
Description: The Student Development and Campus Life Travel Channel series will feature communities within the United States where Black women have made a significant influence during the 21st century.
Join: https://berkeleycollege.libguides.com/c.php?g=681697&p=8146768

Date: February 10
Name: Let’s Chat: #BlackLivesMatter
Time: 6 – 7 p.m.
Description: The Student Development and Campus Life team will facilitate a student dialogue about the issues and events that gave rise to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and how both the issues and the movement may have impacted students’ lives. The conversation will focus on resolution and healing through unity.
Join: https://berkeleycollege.zoom.us/j/95154013375

Dates: February 12 – 18
Name: Travel Channel – Live it up in Harlem World
Time: All week
Description: The Student Development and Campus Life Travel Channel series highlights iconic landmarks in Harlem.
Join: https://berkeleycollege.libguides.com/c.php?g=681697&p=8146768

Date: February 17
Name: I Am Not Your Negro – Film Discussion
Time: 4 – 5 p.m.
Description: Join the Student Development and Campus Life and Library teams as they discuss the most significant takeaways from I Am Not Your Negro. The Influence Film Club says this documentary is “related to today’s context of social division, economic tension, and violence in America. I Am Not Your Negro is a journey into Black history that connects the past of the Civil Rights movement to the present of #BlackLivesMatter. The film questions Black representation in Hollywood and beyond."
Join: https://berkeleycollege.zoom.us/j/97119022451

Dates: February 19 – 25
Name: Travel Channel - City of Brotherly Love
Time: All week
Description: The Student Development and Campus Life Travel Channel series illustrates Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.
Join: https://berkeleycollege.libguides.com/c.php?g=681697&p=8146768

For questions about these events, please contact Sherrille T. Shabazz, EdD, Associate Dean, Student Development and Campus Life, Berkeley College, SRH@BerkeleyCollege.edu.

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