cWinter 2021 Semester COVID-19 Updates

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February 25, 2021

Dear Berkeley College Community,

We trust that you are staying healthy this semester. Below are several COVID-19 updates since our last communication.

Hybrid Update
Since the start of hybrid instruction for the Winter 2021 semester on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, there has been a steady increase in the number of students who travel to Berkeley College’s six campuses each day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have the most on-campus activity thus far, particularly at the larger campuses of Woodland Park and New York City.

To those who are taking classes or utilizing on-site support services, thank you for continuing to follow all health and safety protocols in the College’s Restart Plans while on campus, including wearing a face mask/covering, maintaining six feet of distance from others, and completing the daily COVID-19 Health Questionnaire.

As a reminder, please contact a department before traveling to a campus if you are looking to meet with a Berkeley College associate. If you have questions about using a campus computer lab, please contact your Campus Operating Officer.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information
While both New York and New Jersey have now opened COVID-19 vaccine registration for higher-risk individuals with certain medical conditions, many have not been able to sign up as vaccine supplies remain limited at this time. Please continue to check your state’s website for updates and openings.

For a list of currently eligible groups, please visit the New York or New Jersey vaccine eligibility website. If you are living outside of NY/NJ, please visit this listing of state health departments across the United States from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We recommend bookmarking these sites for easier reference in the future.

The CDC also provides information on what to expect after receiving your vaccine, including possible side effects. You can subscribe to receive CDC email updates here.

Restart Plans
If you have not done so already, we encourage you to review the College’s Restart Plans on the Berkeley College COVID-19 webpage. Since July 2020, Berkeley has submitted eight Restart Plans to the State of New Jersey and four plans to the State of New York. Plans are updated primarily as new guidance is released from the CDC and/or New York and New Jersey.

Use of Face Masks
The CDC recently released updated guidance on the use of face masks, including the wearing of a mask with multiple layers or two masks at once (specifically a cloth mask over a surgical mask). This guidance comes as new coronavirus variants around the world appear to be spreading more quickly and easily. Masks must be well-fitted on your face in order to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. This means covering your nose and mouth, and securing the mask under your chin.

While Berkeley College is not changing any face mask/covering protocols at this time, we encourage you to review the CDC website to familiarize yourself with the updated guidance.

COVID-19 information also continues to be updated on the Berkeley College COVID-19 webpage.

Thank you for your continued resolve in completing your studies and following Berkeley’s COVID-19 protocols.

Stay safe.


COVID-19 Task Force