Degree Map and My Scheduler

Degree Map – Monitor Your Progress Toward Graduation

See what requirements you have completed and what you have left, explore majors and search local and national career opportunities. Make sure your classes are a part of your success plan and register for classes in My Scheduler in Student Self-Service.

My Scheduler

My Scheduler is an application that will generate all possible schedule combinations based on your class selections, allowing you to evaluate which one will work best for you.

Keep in mind that after making selections in Class Search, My Scheduler allows you to:

  • Add additional classes
  • Build "breaks" into your schedule (for example, if you can't attend classes on Wednesday morning because of your work schedule, you can input a break for that time period, and My Scheduler won't show class sections conflicting with that block of time)
  • Schedule travel time between classes (you may need to take a class at another campus)
  • "Lock" a class so that it is always on your schedule and other classes are scheduled around it given what's offered during the semester in question.

Once you send your schedule to the shopping cart and enroll through student self-service, you will no longer be able to make changes. You will need to meet with your Academic Advisor to make changes.

Login to Self-Service. From there select Degree Map or My Scheduler from your Student Center.

Click here to access the Student Self Service User’s Guide.