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The Graphic Design program at Berkeley College enables our students to become asset creators, designers, entrepreneurs, and art directors. Our focus is keeping current with design trends and technologies that enable the highest potential for our student success. Our curriculum is designed to create problem solvers and digital designers utilizing animation, coding for the web, digital film making, digital photography, game development, 3D modeling, multimedia, print design, package design, and UI/UX design. The work in this online gallery highlights some of our student work that has been shown at the Woodland Park Gallery.

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Kathy Lopez design 1
Kathy Lopez design 2
Lijin Joy design 1
Lijin Joy design 2
Edgar Moran design 1
Edgar Moran design 2
Matt Redding design 1
Ariel Jaime design 2
Claude Pierre design 1
Claude Pierre design 2
Edith Riley design 1
Edith Riley design 2
Emily Ortiz design 1
Emily Ortiz design 2
Hanzel Escorcia design 1
Hanzel Escorcia design 2
Kathy Lopez design 3
Kathy Lopez design 4
Crisandy Rosario design
Nalley Inoa design