Welcome to the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

We are here to serve and assist the Berkeley College student-veteran population.

The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs operates six on-site Veterans Resource Centers: The Woodland Park VRC is on the first floor of Building #2, the NYC VRC is on the bottom floor of the 41st Street building, the Newark VRC is in room 125, and the Woodbridge VRC is on the lower level. Additionally there is also an Online Veterans Resource Center.

The Veterans Resource Centers provide a location for veterans and family members to receive information about their VA benefits; meet with the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs; network with other veterans; and obtain booklets, pamphlets, and other materials about a wide range of Veterans benefits and issues.

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Email: VeteransAffairs@BerkeleyCollege.edu

Call: 1-212-986-4343 ext. 4517

Veterans Affairs Work-Study Program

If you're a Berkeley College student, using the GI Bill®, and enrolled full-time or 3/4-time in a college degree program, you can "earn while you learn" with a VA work-study allowance.

Job Description

  • Assists with VA benefits. Facilitates the initial start-up process and distributes forms that a student must have to obtain benefits. Collects any additional material the student submits. Answers questions concerning any additional benefits that the student may receive.
  • Assists with VA policies and procedures. Informs students of any VA websites, important phone numbers, publications, etc.
  • Refers the students to different departments depending upon the question. If a student has questions or concerns pertaining to advisement or needs counseling, then the Work Study can refer the student accordingly.
  • Works with VA student's folders for filing and intake of any VA forms.
  • Works with VA students concerning campus policies and procedures. (For example locations of buildings, questions concerning courses, registration, advisement, etc.).
  • Assists in answering phone calls regarding VA questions.


Please send resume and VA Form 22-8691, https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-22-8691-ARE.pdf, https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-22-8691-ARE.pdf to Tami Pichardo, Senior Director, at TMM@BerkeleyCollege.edu. 

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Berkeley College abides by the requirements established in Section 103 of the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018. As such, the College shall not penalize those students who are eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill® or Veteran Readiness & Employment (chapter 31), but for whom payment is pending from the Department of Veterans Affairs. For example, while the College is waiting to receive these VA funds, students will have access to the full range of College resources and student services, both onsite and online, so long as the student has otherwise fulfilled all other commitments to the College and their education. Moreover, while the College waits to receive these VA funds, we shall not place any holds, or prevent students from attending classes or enrolling in the upcoming semester; nor shall we create any late payment fees, or require students to secure alternative or additional funding.

To meet the requirements of this statement, students must provide Berkeley College with a Certificate of Eligibility, or a summary of educational benefits from eBenefits. Chapter 31 students may obtain a VA Form 1905, or a PO from the assigned case manager. This must be done by the first day of class. In addition, the College must receive the student’s request for certification of benefits through the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs, as well as any other required information essential to the certification process. First-term students must sign the Veterans Billing Agreement.

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