A book with a padlock and chain, symbolizing secrecy and restriction

Banned Books and Censorship

Why Colleges Should be Concerned

July 10 • 12:00 PM
New York City Campus and Virtual

The lack of exposure to diverse ideas due to book bans can leave students underprepared and hinder their development of critical thinking skills. It’s also important to note that the recent surge in book bans began shortly after the George Floyd incident and the call for more diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

Join us as our panel discusses:

  • The issue of censorship, historically, as it relates to banned books
  • The role of First Amendment rights
  • The impact of legislation
  • The benefits of open access to information
  • Contemporary concerns like shadow banning
  • Actionable steps individuals can take to address censorship related to books

Panelists will include faculty members from the Berkeley College Legal Studies and Justice Studies departments, and the Division of General Education.


Heidi Hoefinger (Moderator)

Faculty, Berkeley College

Allen Sondej

Faculty, Berkeley College

Richard Schultz

Faculty, Berkeley College

Richard Olivieri

Faculty, Berkeley College

Laurie Mcfadden

Senior Director, Library, Berkeley College

Judith Corbett Carter

Faculty, Berkeley College

Kamilah Patterson (Student Panelist)

Student, Berkeley College

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