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Clubs and Organizations

Participating in clubs and other extracurricular activities is a great way to meet new people, network, socialize, and complement your coursework. Berkeley College offers students the opportunity to get involved in clubs at each campus and across the system. We strongly encourage students to get involved, as campus life is an important component of the Berkeley experience. Research has shown that clubs have a positive impact on students’ educational journeys. Through involvement, students gain a strong sense of purpose, community, and achievement.

The most popular activities, clubs, and organizations include:

Diversity and Multicultural Activities

The diversity of the student body contributes to the cultural enrichment of the College community. Many ethnic and multicultural events are planned to promote understanding of the similarities and differences among cultures.

Community Service

Giving back has long been part of the Berkeley tradition. Through BerkeleyCares, community service opportunities abound, allowing all students, administrators, faculty, and staff to work with charitable organizations and participate in local activities that benefit the greater community.

Athletics and Recreation

Various athletic programs and recreational activities offer students a great way to increase their activity, as well as develop leadership, sportsmanship, and interpersonal skills through intercollegiate, intramural, and club activities.

Campus Clubs 

Check with your Student Development and Campus Life department for clubs and activities on your campus. Students can participate in clubs and activities at other campuses as well. For the most up-to-date club information, students can visit Yammer to see all club pages.

All Campuses

Student Government Association

The primary student governing body, the Student Government Association (SGA), advocates for the student body at large, organizes and facilitates student activities, assists with recruiting student volunteers for events such as the Honor Society Induction Ceremony and Commencement, represents the Berkeley College student population at various systemwide functions, and is involved with New Student Orientation on all campuses. Each campus has an elected SGA Executive Board. A monthly SGA Summit is held for all SGA Executive Board members to meet, discuss key topics, and plan future events.

Honor Societies

High academic achievers may be invited into a variety of academic and leadership honor societies in recognition of their accomplishments.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) promotes acceptance and equality throughout the Berkeley community by bringing together students of all sexual orientations and genders who share a common vision of social equality in a safe, positive, and non-judgmental environment where all genders and sexualities are celebrated.

Justice League

The mission of the Justice League is to enhance members' educational experience pertaining to all aspects of the criminal justice system. This club gives students a chance to meet professionals in the law/justice field and participate in hands-on learning. The Law and Justice Club offers leadership, group organization, business, and volunteer experiences. Best of all, active club members can enhance their marketability in the workplace.

Volunteer Leadership Team (VLT)

Students work as a team to gain valuable experience working in a professional atmosphere on marketing and event management. Participants increase their skill sets in time management, teamwork, planning, goal setting, organization, and communication by providing support to events and programs. Students hold meetings once a week to discuss and plan for events and bring in special guests to provide leadership training. All majors are welcomed.

The Spartans (Student Veterans Club)

The Student Veterans Club was established for the purpose of creating a social group for student veterans to interact with one another after having separated from military service. The club partners with both the Office of Military and Veteran Affairs and with Student Development and Campus Life on a number of national, local, and campus-related initiatives relevant to student veterans and their families. The Student Veterans Club is affiliated with the national Student Veterans of America (SVA).

Berkeley College Online® Clubs

Berkeley College Online® offers a wide variety of activities open to all Berkeley College students. SDCL Online provides a common ground for both online and on-site learners to build a greater campus community together through communication, technology, and leadership. Programs include webinars on educational, informational, and career-oriented programming.

Company & Conversation

Company & Conversation is a free format program that takes place weekly in a virtual environment. Students come together to discuss a variety of topics ranging from TV shows and hobbies to classes and faculty members and anything in between! This group provides participants with support, laughter, conversation, camaraderie, and allows for networking, building relationships, and strengthening bonds between students.

Online Book Club

The Online Film Club allows members to view the monthly movie selection and then participate in a discussion in Yammer with their peers. Movies are typically chosen to match each month's theme. All films are available to view by all students, faculty, and staff at Berkeley College.

Online Student Community

For details on what programs, events & activities are happening on the Online campus – check out our Online Student Community Calendar HERE:

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