Diversity and Multicultural Activities

The diversity of the student body contributes to the cultural enrichment of the College community. Many ethnic and multicultural events are planned to promote understanding of the similarities and differences among cultures.

Community Service

Giving back has long been part of the Berkeley tradition. Through BerkeleyCares, community service opportunities abound, allowing all students, administrators, faculty, and staff to work with charitable organizations and participate in local activities that benefit the greater community.

Athletics and Recreation

Various athletic programs and recreational activities offer students a great way to increase their activity, as well as develop leadership, sportsmanship, and interpersonal skills through intercollegiate, intramural, and club activities. https://www.berkeleycollegeknights.com/landing/index

Campus Clubs 

Check with your Student Development and Campus Life department for clubs and activities on your campus. Students can also participate in clubs and activities at other campuses and online. For the most up-to-date club information, students can visit Yammer to see all club pages.

All Campuses

Student Government Association (SGA) Ambassadors

The SGA Ambassadors focus on creating a solid foundation for the College by addressing topics such as leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, community service and strategic planning. Collectively, all Ambassadors work together to achieve goals and address all student needs in the areas of governance, programming, and advocacy. Ambassadors develop ways to get student feedback and work on putting it into action. The SGA Ambassadors can make connections inside and outside of the Berkeley College community through leadership opportunities and networking.

Honor Societies

High academic achievers may be invited into a variety of academic and leadership honor societies in recognition of their accomplishments.

Starting a New Student Organization

If there is an interest in creating a student club that does not currently exist, a group of students may apply by contacting the Director of Student Development and Campus Life at their home campus.

Suppose you are interested in creating a student club that does not currently exist. In that case, please may contact a member of the Student Development and Campus Life Staff (SDCL Staff Directory) at your home campus.

Privileges & Benefits for Being a Student Club Leader

  • Recognition by Berkeley College Student Development & Campus Life.
  • Host virtual/on campus events and sponsor programs and activities.
  • Participation in “Be Involved Fair and Welcome Week” every semester for new member recruitment.
  • Participate as an Orientation Leader to guide new students and assist with facilitating New Student Orientation and Welcome Week activities.

Berkeley College Online®

Berkeley College Online® offers a wide variety of activities open to all Berkeley College students. SDCL Online provides a common ground for both online and on-site learners to build a greater campus community together through communication, technology, and leadership. Programs include webinars on educational, informational, and career-oriented programming.

Online Student Community

For details on virtual programs, events & activities that are happening -check out the Virtual Student Center: https://berkeleycollege.libguides.com/OnlineStudentCommunity