Woodland Park Student Spotlight: Mathew Agudelo

Academic Program: Interior Design

Why did you choose to attend Berkeley College?

I chose Berkeley College because the commute was a lot closer. I had also seen a couple of the project assignments because my friend was going to school here. He told me about this wonderful professor that he had, so I decided to check it out.

I also studied architecture at the technical high school that I went to. We did a lot of exterior design work, but I wanted to broaden my knowledge in interior design work as well.

What do you enjoy most about interior design?

I like creating my own designs and I want to show the world what my vision of a beautiful, unique space is – I can do that through a career in interior design on the computer using 3D software. I want to show people what I’m about.

Have you been able to secure an industry-related internship as a student at Berkeley College?

Yes, I’m currently working as an intern at Sargenti Architects in Paramus, NJ. I want to continue working with the company after graduation this year, but I also want to start my own business in 3D software – building and rendering. I just launched Aqua Devina Designs, and I want to continue to promote my services.

We handle multiple projects throughout the month at Sargenti Architects. As a draftsman/architect, I work with one of our clients, L'Occitane, a high-end beauty retail chain. I develop floor plans and construction documents for the entire building.

Do you belong to any clubs, activities, or college sports?

I played for the Berkeley College Soccer team for three years, as an all-around player – covering defense and mid-field, wherever I was needed. I was also captain of the team for two years. In addition to playing soccer, I also participated in some of the school’s track events, I modeled in the Macy’s Fashion Show at Willowbrook Mall, and I’m a member of the National Honor Society.

What advice do you have for students who are currently searching for the right college?

I never put any restrictions or limitations on myself. I always let my ideas roam free.

College is all about focusing on yourself, and finding out who you really are. When it comes to finding a good college, name recognition doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you feel about the college you’re attending. Go with your gut, because if you don’t feel good about your environment, then you won’t be able to be stress-free, relaxed, and set your brain to its fullest potential when you’re doing the work. 

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