Officers and Campus Operating Officers

Michael J. Smith

Dr. Beth Castiglia

Executive Vice President
Timothy D. Luing

Senior Vice Presidents
Dr. Dario A. Cortes, Strategic Alliances
Teri Duda, Government Relations - New Jersey
Robert F. Herzog, Finance and Administration
Diane Recinos, Enrollment Management

Associate Provosts
Dr. Judith Kornberg, Academic Affairs
Deborah Palicia, Registrar

Vice Presidents
Liz Barrett, Academic Advisement
William A. Brandt Jr., General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Marlene Doty, Library Services
Howard Leslie, Financial Aid
Eileen Loftus-Berlin, Budgeting and Student Accounts
Brian Maher, Career Services
Gbubemi Okotieuro, Government Relations - New York
Dr. Dallas F. Reed, Student Development and Campus Life
Mark Wagener, Operations

Campus Operating Officers
Maureen DiFonzo, Dover
Sharon Goldstein, Online
Ted Havelka, White Plains
Timothy D. Luing, Paramus
Joel Martinez, Newark
Robert C. Miller, Assistant, New York campuses
Will Moya, New York City
Andrea Nemeth, Clifton
Catherine PalmerWoodbridge
Linda Pinsky-Mauro, Woodland Park
Iessa J. Sutton, Brooklyn