Video Gallery Archive

Community Service Day Video

 2015: 6th Annual Community Service Day

2015: Caucus NJ – Healing the Children® New Jersey

2015: One-on-One – Be a Hero, Hire a Hero Career Expo

2015: One-on-One – Mission to Feed New Jersey

Commencement social media video

 2015: Congratulations, Class of 2015

2014: Reverse Order, Berkeley College students

2014: Caucus NJ Distance learning

2014: Healing the Children® New Jersey partnership

2014: Sparking Insight leadership symposium

Geek Week 2014

 2014: Geek Week panel at Comic-Con

2014: Caucus NJ  Social media and the job search

2014: Daniel Vosovic, fashion designer

2013: Fashion show at Rockaway Townsquare Mall

2013: Veterans History Project, Part 1

2011: Dorian Papianni, Berkeley College student

2011: Paul Sucec, Berkeley College alumnus

2011: Larry Froelich, Faculty, Management

2011: Paul Czarnecki, Faculty, Accounting and Finance

2011: Heather Pelligrino, Berkeley College alumna

2011: Aimee Cook, Berkeley College alumna

2011: Tracey Mundell, Berkeley College alumna

 2015: Veterans History Project, Part 3

2015: One-on-One – Lenore Molee, JD, Dean

2015: Women in Business – Taneshia Nash Laird

2014: Yadiry Perez, Berkeley College alumna

2014: Julie Vinolas, Berkeley College student

2014: Richard Jean-Baptiste, Berkeley College alumnus

2014: Takikya Latimore, Berkeley College student

2014: 5th Annual Community Service Day

2014: Veterans History Project, Part 2

2014: Berkeley College Commencement ceremony

2013: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

2011: Annette Long, Vice President, Administration

2011: Kristina Corsino, Berkeley College student

2011: Atiyya Hatcher, Berkeley College student

2011: Claudius Eastman, Berkeley College student

2011: Nadia Williams, Berkeley College student

2011: Carlos Corrales, Berkeley College student

2011: Hymie Reid, Berkeley College student