Office of the General Counsel Frequently Asked Questions

A student in my class communicated to me that he or she needs an accommodation. Who should he or she talk to?

Refer the student to the appropriate ADA Coordinator for Students. Berkeley currently has three ADA Coordinators for Students based in New York, New Jersey, and Online. Visit the Disability Services page to find the appropriate contact.

As an associate, how do I request an accommodation for my disability?

Contact the ADA Coordinator for Associates: Eileen Rizzo, Human Resources Manager/Benefits, enr@berkeleycollege.edu201-291-1111 ext. 5110.

A process server arrived in my office. What do I do?

Explain to the process server that you are not authorized to accept service and direct him or her to an authorized individual. See the Subpoenas, Summonses, and Information Requests page for more information.

I received a subpoena in the mail. What do I do?

Notify the Office of the General Counsel and forward the document by interoffice (or hand delivery if located at the same campus). Be sure to keep the envelope and attach a note stating who received it and on what date.

Our department wants to host a photo contest on social media where the winner with the most “likes” will receive a prize. What do I need to do?

Contact an attorney within the Office of the General Counsel and provide the information listed on the Contests and Sweepstakes page.

I plan to take my students on an optional field trip. Do students need to sign a release?

Yes, students must sign a release before participating in any off-campus voluntary activities.

Our club/group/department would like to raise money for a local charity. What do we need to do?

First, verify that the charity selected is a tax-exempt organization. No cash, checks, or direct payment of any kind may be made to Berkeley College. If the students, associates, faculty, or other individuals (“donors”) are paying by check, the check must be made out to the charity. The group, club, or department may physically collect the checks and deliver them to the charity in bulk. If the donors intend to pay by cash, they must provide it directly to the charity. No online donations may be made to Berkeley College. All online donations must be processed on the charity’s website.