Pledge of Public Accountability

The decision to attend any institution of higher education entails a significant financial commitment. At Berkeley College, we believe that any decision of such magnitude should be informed by clear, accurate information. Our website provides relevant information to all prospective students and their parents, including the following:

  • Employment data for recent graduates of undergraduate degree and certificate programs, as available;
  • Contact information for Berkeley College campuses, branch campuses, extension centers and administrative offices;
  • Names and titles of the College’s trustees, officers, general administration and academic administration; and

We also commit ourselves to

  • Communicate clearly in writing whether completion of a given program will qualify a student for licensure in a career field; and
  • Communicate to each student, upon acceptance of her/his application, the estimated amount of financial aid (s)he will receive:

Furthermore, consistent with our mission to expand educational opportunities, Berkeley also offers the option of a tuition-free Jumpstart Program to help promising students better prepare themselves for success in college-level studies. Our goal is to help our students reach their full potential and realize their dreams.