Frequently Asked Questions: Justice Studies – Criminal Justice

What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice is the system of practices holding social control, deterring crime, and sanctioning those who violate laws, with penalties and rehabilitation.

Why should I study the Justice Studies - Criminal Justice program at Berkeley College?

Justice Studies – Criminal Justice at Berkeley College offers students the opportunity to examine the causes of crime, the role of police, criminal law, and forensic science.

At Berkeley College, our career-focused curricula are designed with job preparation in mind. Most of our majors offer specific Career Paths for students. By working with professional advisory boards, these Career Paths recommend elective courses that complement the program curricula and help develop the exact career skills that employers look for when hiring graduates or promoting employees.

What will I learn in the Justice Studies - Criminal Justice program at Berkeley College?

Berkeley College’s Bachelor’s and Associate’s degree programs in Justice Studies - Criminal Justice provide students with a comprehensive foundation in this important field. Armed with a combination of knowledge gained in the classroom and hands-on instruction from faculty with professional experience, graduates are prepared to enter a variety of careers in a wide range of organizations. Students take courses that focus on the theoretical, practical, technological, and management skills required for success in the field of criminal justice. Program-related group excursions and guest speakers from various areas of criminal justice are also an important part of the career-focused program.

Other benefits from the program include a curriculum that examines:

  • The causes of crime
  • Criminal law and procedure
  • The role of law enforcement
  • Forensic science
  • Research methods
  • Practical job preparation
  • Exciting courses in specialized areas, such as:
  • Terrorism
  • Cyber Crime
  • Global Security
  • Intelligence
  • Case Management
  • The opportunity to analyze emerging issues and focus studies in a single area such as policing or security
  • Valuable, practical experience through program-related, faculty-monitored internships or job-related assignments
  • A seamless transition between Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees

What are the Admissions requirements for Berkeley College?

The College considers students for admission to degree and certificate programs on the basis of future potential, the motivation and interest to succeed in a chosen profession, and past academic achievement.

Graduation from high school or the equivalent is a basic requirement for admission to degree and certificate programs. In evaluating candidates, the Committee on Admissions takes into consideration your individual interests, your motivation to succeed in a chosen profession, and prior academic achievement. Basic requirements for admission include graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent and an entrance exam or SAT/ACT scores. Applicants to the School of Health Studies have additional requirements. Documentation of successful completion of high school or the equivalent must be submitted to the College prior to starting classes. 

A personal interview is strongly recommended. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Admissions at the campus of their choice to arrange for an appointment with an Admissions Associate. For further information, students may also call the College at 866-317-6087 ext. WC1 or email

What is the Enrollment deadline to apply for the Justice Studies - Criminal Justice program?

Since Berkeley maintains a rolling admissions policy, students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. The Committee on Admissions notifies applicants of a decision as soon as all credentials have been evaluated.

For further questions about the enrollment process, call Admissions to schedule an appointment with an associate.

Can I study Justice Studies - Criminal Justice at any of the campus locations?

Justice Studies - Criminal Justice courses for an Associate in Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.), and a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) are taught at all seven campuses, and Berkeley College Online®.

What type of career placement opportunities are available for students with a Justice Studies - Criminal Justice degree?

Graduates of the Justice Studies – Criminal Justice program are prepared to enter a variety of fields within the criminal justice system, including working as:

  • Police officers
  • Detectives
  • Probation officers
  • Correctional treatment specialists

Still have questions? Visit our Live Chat to speak with a representative.

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