Teaching and Learning Commons

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) supports the ongoing professional development and scholarship of the Berkeley College faculty in an effort to continually improve the educational experience.

By offering workshops, professional development grants, new faculty orientation and training, faculty coaching, and other scholarship activities that foster academic integrity, Berkeley delivers on its promise and commitment to lifelong learning.

The Teaching and Learning Commons Mission

In order to enhance student learning and improve student retention, The Teaching and Learning Commons provides Berkeley College's faculty with the tools and support to promote a comprehensive educational experience, foster academic integrity, and encourage lifelong learning in the College's students. The TLC's programs and services focus on assessment, grants, mentorship, professional development, and scholarship, which aid faculty in providing a consistent, quality education.


Pedagogical Support

Partnerships with faculty that promote the use of effective, evidence-based best practices in teaching and learning.

Professional Development

Workshops and programs that empower faculty to intelligently and strategically implement teaching methods and technology tools that better serve diverse populations and offer individualized feedback.

Innovative Technology Integration

Resources and training to help faculty select technologies that align to and support learning objectives and make educational equity via mobile and web-based instruction achievable.

Curriculum Design

Resources and training for designing instruction focused on student learning and understanding and ways of achieving specific results, beginning with learning goals, assessments, and then instructional strategies and learning activities.

Authentic Assessments and Evaluations

Training Events for designing and delivering student assessments aligned with objectives, both formative and summative, and grounded in real-world applications.

Faculty Coaching

Individual consultations for new and continuing faculty 

New Faculty Training

Complete training program for new faculty, both full-time and adjunct 

Quality Matters

Resources, consulting, and training for integrating Quality Matters recommendations in course design


Dana Heimlich, Senior Director, Teaching and Learning Commons
Email: Dana-Heimlich@BerkeleyCollege.edu

Andie DiMarco, Director, Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Email: ADI@BerkeleyCollege.edu 

Anthony Girardo, Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning Commons
Email: AGI@BerkeleyCollege.edu

Victoria Ghilardi, Learning Experience Strategist, Teaching and Learning Commons
Email: Victoria-Ghilardi@BerkeleyCollege.edu

Joseph Candela, Instructional Technologist, Teaching and Learning Commons
Email: Joseph-Candela@BerkeleyCollege.edu

Marc Shur, Consultant, Teaching and Learning Commons
Email: MXS@BerkeleyCollege.edu 

Technology Resource Coordinators (TRC)

Lisa Karakas
Email: LSK@BerkeleyCollege.edu

Shelly Rosen
Email: SRO@BerkeleyCollege.edu