Learning Communities

A Learning Community is a group of students studying, collaborating, and learning together. The experience is designed to help students make new friends and build lasting relationships with peers, professors, tutors, librarians, academic advisors, and the student development team.

Learning Communities also offer students the chance to experience college in a whole new way, offering an integrated learning experience and giving them a chance to explore subjects both inside and outside of the classroom. Field outings expand their knowledge and allow them to create exciting memories with a new network of peers.

Students may choose to enroll in a Berkeley Developmental Education Learning Community during their first quarter at Berkeley College. Students will work together in two different courses: CSK098 Integrated Reading and Writing, which helps students develop skills necessary for success in their future college courses, and a General Education Course (GEC), which provides the theme of the Learning Community and explores a variety of subjects, such as the Mind and Body, the Religious Experience, the Art of Creativity, and the Ascent of Science.

Students must remain in both courses in the Learning Community, as the courses are an integrated learning experience.

Learning Communities benefit students by helping them:

  • Develop a network of supportive peers and professors who will help them successfully begin their college careers
  • Overcome challenges, so that they may begin their educational journey on a smooth road to success
  • Integrate into the Berkeley College community, allowing them to truly experience The Berkeley Advantage®
  • Form lasting relationships, both inside and outside of the classroom

Learning Communities are only offered at the Berkeley College on-site locations. Individuals should contact their Academic Advisor for more information.