Federal Work Study Information for Students

Obtaining a Federal Work Study Position

Step 1: Determine Federal Work Study Eligibility

To determine eligibility for the Federal Work Study Program, students must email the Federal Work Study Division at FWS@BerkeleyCollege.edu with their name and Student ID Number. Inaccurate or missing Student ID Numbers will not be checked for eligibility.

If a student is deemed eligible, the student will receive an eligibility notice through email. Ineligible students will receive a letter of ineligibility and will not be able to participate in the Federal Work Study Program for the terms they have been deemed ineligible.

For more information, see FWS Eligibility.

Step 2: Apply to Federal Work Study Positions

A list of available Federal Work Study positions can be found on the Federal Work Study Job Board.

Students are highly encouraged to consult with a Career Counselor in the Career Services Department prior to applying so that they can get help with their résumé and interviewing skills. In addition, the Career Services Department will be able to help students identify the positions that would complement their existing skill sets and future career goals.

Step 3: Get Hired

Hiring managers will review the student applications. Should they find that a particular student is a good fit for the position, they will call and schedule an interview with the student. Then, the student must await the employer’s hiring decision.

Step 4: Complete New Hire Paperwork

Once hired, a student may not begin working immediately. The student must complete the online paperwork that will be sent to the email initially provided in the application, which will be sent within one to two days of hire.

Step 5: Complete Post-Hire Requirements

Once the new hire paperwork is complete, the Federal Work Study Department will send the student an Acknowledgment Letter that will disclose their start date, hours per week, and other pertinent information. The student may only work on or after the date listed on the Acknowledgment Letter.

On the first day of work, students must complete an I-9 form. This is a two-step process. First, students should log on to http://www.newi9.com, enter employer code 14022, and complete Part I of their I-9. Then, the student will have to see an I-9 verifier and provide identification documents to complete the process (the I-9 verifier is listed on the welcome e-mail the student receives on the first day of work).

If you will be working for the College and not at an off-site employer, you will also need to complete the following trainings:

  • Data Security
  • Ethics
  • Sexual Harassment

The Data Security, FERPA, and Ethics trainings can be found on Ultipro. Although Federal Work Study positions are designed to be flexible, FWS positions also come with responsibilities. All Federal Work Study students are expected to follow the guidelines below. Continued failure to fulfill these responsibilities may result in the Federal Work Study student’s termination. 

Federal Work Study Student Responsibilities 

Work Responsibilities 

  • Be on time for all scheduled shifts.
  • Act in a professional manner and maintain confidentiality of documents.
  • Learn duties, complete all assignments on time, and perform all tasks to the best of the student's ability.
  • Never comingle work and study time. A student cannot work when they have class and the student should not study while they are at work.
  • Students should never forget to notify supervisors in advance if they will be absent from or late to work.  

Timesheet Responsibilities 

  • Enter and submit timesheets in UltiPro on a weekly basis (see Entering Time in UltiPro).
  • Work within the hours you are allotted per week (see Award Management).
  • Students should always reflect a 30-minute break on the timesheets when they work for more than six consecutive hours (see Required Breaks).
  • Hours in UltiPro should never conflict with classes in a student's schedule (see Class Conflicts).  

Other Responsibilities 

  • A student must keep track of their Federal Work Study Award. A student must not earn more than what they were awarded for the semester (see Award Management).
  • A student must keep their supervisor informed regarding their financial aid, registration, and Resident Assistant status as it relates to the FWS program (see FWS Eligibility and Resident Assistants).
  • Do not just stop working. As a common and professional courtesy, a student should provide their supervisor with at least two weeks' notice before leaving their position.