Small Conference Room

This conference room offers a comfortable and modern setting for small group meetings or presentations. 

Midsize Conference Room

This is the ideal setting for midsize group meetings such as organization or business board meetings. 

Large Conference Room

This conference room provides the perfect professional meeting space and can comfortably accommodate large groups. 

Computer Lab A

All of the computer labs are equipped with the latest technology and are ideal for presentations or training sessions. 

Computer Lab B

All of the computer labs are equipped with the latest technology and are ideal for presentations or training sessions. 

Classroom A

Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and offer a perfect setting for meetings or training sessions.

Classroom B

Classrooms offer flexible seating arrangements and are perfect for meetings or training sessions.

Classroom C

Bright modern classrooms provide a wonderful venue for meetings or training sessions.

Woodland Park Facility Rental

Berkeley College’s newly renovated Woodland Park campus offers beautiful, convenient rental facilities for meetings, training, and a wide variety of corporate and social functions. Small and large conference rooms, classrooms, fully equipped computer labs, and multipurpose rooms are available, along with customized media equipment and catering services. Please review the important information on this page and inquire about your rental request as early as possible to ensure availability. We’ll be happy to help in any way possible to make your event a success.


In an effort to schedule all events with great attention and detail we request your cooperation in strictly adhering to the deadlines indicated.  

 Room Rental  1 week in advance
 Catering Service  2 weeks in advance
 Media Equipment  2 weeks in advance
 Specific Set-up  2 weeks in advance
 Alcohol Permit  4 weeks in advance


All groups scheduling Berkeley College facilities for an event must ensure that all aspects of the event and everyone in attendance are in compliance with all College Policies and Regulations.

Campus Security may be required for events such as dances or social gatherings that have over 100 people in attendance when deemed necessary by your conference coordinator.

Payment Information

All clients are required to sign a contractual agreement when using facilities at Berkeley College. A certificate of liability insurance, a signed contract, and full payment are due one week prior to the date of your scheduled event.  


To make reservations for event space at Berkeley College, a Request Form must be submitted. All requests are processed as quickly as possible. However, at various times during the year, the volume of requests is so large that the conference coordinator may be unable to respond to them on the day they are submitted. Please give as much notice as possible to allow for the complete processing of your request.

All facility rentals are dependent on space availability. Popular locations are often booked as much as a year in advance, so it is suggested that you plan early to avoid disappointment. Before submitting a Request Form, it is strongly recommended that you read all policies and guidelines pertaining to conference facility rentals. 


 Room  Price
 Community Room  $500
 Classroom  $175
 Computer Lab  $300
 Evergreen Conference Room  $125

Pricing is subject to change and media equipment rental rates are available upon request.

Depending on the nature and/or size of the event, College security (or additional College security as the case may be) might be required, at the renter's expense. For more information, or to reserve a room, please call 212-986-4343 ext. 4104. 


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Copyright © 2016 Berkeley College